Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lemon Tart

Hi, friends. I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in Josi Kilpack's new series and wanted to share it with you.
Sadie Hoffmiller tries to solve the murder of her neighbor, a single mother who was killed while a lemon tart baked in her oven. Sadie must also rescue the woman's two-year old. Whoever took the child must be the murderer, but Sadie is certain the police are looking at all the wrong suspects including her.
Lemon Tart was fun and intriguing. Sadie is a delightful, 56-year old woman who refuses to listen to or obey anyone. This fast-paced novel held my interest and kept me guessing until the murderer revealed himself and I bit off all my fingernails praying for Sadie and the missing two-year old to find safety.
I would highly recommend Lemon Tart. I can't wait to read the sequel, English Trifle.
Cami: I loved all the references to cooking and baking in Lemon Tart. What inspired you to write a culinary mystery?
Josi: It didn’t start as a culinary mystery—just a mystery novel. I wanted a domestic ‘gumshoe’ and she cooked. It wasn’t until after Deseret Book accepted the story that we thought to put recipes in it, but it worked so well it seemed as though it had been our intent all along. The initial inspiration for the book itself was due to a writing contest hosted by Jeff Savage. He’d challenged writers to write the first chapter of a mystery novel that involved food. I had such a great time with it that I kept it going here and there for a couple of years. Eventually it became an entire story.
Cami: Sadie is such a quirky, lovable heroine. I noticed she is in your newest release, English Trifle. Is Sadie the main protagonist or does this book focus on her daughter?
Josi: No, Sadie is the main protagonist; Breanna fills the role of side kick, sorta. She has her own part to play, but it’s Sadie who remains front and center.
Cami: Please tell us a bit more about English Trifle:
Josi: In Lemon Tart it’s mentioned that Breanna has a boyfriend—someone she’d met several years earlier and has recently reconnected with. In English Trifle, the relationship has blossomed to the point where Liam, the boyfriend, had divulged a secret—he’s the heir to an English Earldom. Breanna, with Sadie in tow, travels to England between Christmas and New Year’s in order to get a taste of what this part of Liam’s life is like—a part of his life that will take over when his father dies, which might be sooner than anyone thinks. As they prepare to leave after the week long vacation, Sadie and Breanna discover a body pinned to the wall of the sitting room with a fireplace poker. And, well, Sadie can’t help but try to piece things together, which gets her into trouble in more ways than one.
Cami: The recipes included at the end of each chapter in Lemon Tart sounded wonderful. I'm sure you're an amazing cook. Would you please share your favorite recipe with us?
Josi: Gosh, that’s a hard one. I really like to cook :-) But here’s one of my favorite, super easy, ones.
Taco Soup
1 can chicken broth
1 can black-eyed peas, rinsed
1 cup Salsa
1 can corn
Heat all ingredients and simmer 5 minutes. Scoup up with Frito Scoop chips.
I can't wait to try this recipe. I love easy!
Josi's website: www.josiskilpack.com. Read the first chapters of my books as well as find purchase information.
Josi's blog: www.josikilpack.blogspot.com.
Josi is currently working on the third book in the series, Devil’s Food Cake, which should be in stores spring 2010
Thanks, Josi!


  1. Hmm... I liked it!
    Sounds like very good.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. It is a wonderful book. I promised myself I would buy the sequel at my next book signing. I allow myself to buy one book if I sell out.
    Thanks for stopping by,

  3. Oh, sounds so interesting. Love the book titles in this series.


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