Monday, September 21, 2009

Saving Madeline - review and giveaway

Happy Monday friends. Today I get to share with you an amazing new novel by Rachel Ann Nunes, a writer I have enjoyed since I was a teenager. First a little about the story:
"As a public defender, Caitlin McLoughlin dreams of someday locking the bad guys in prison instead of defending them. But prosecuting jobs are scarce, and Caitlin’s future seems bleak. When her current client is about to walk away from a brutal crime, she risks her career to make sure he doesn’t hurt anyone else. Yet what if her choice means sacrificing her career and the means care for her mentally disabled sister?
Then Caitlin meets Parker Hathaway, charged with kidnapping four-year-old Madeline. Just another criminal, another job, Caitlin thinks.
But Parker tells a far different story. Can Caitlin believe him, as her heart urges? Is she willing to put everything on the line to defend her client—a man who claims to be protecting the child he loves? Or is her trust better placed in the handsome deputy district attorney with his undefeated record in court? Caitlin’s pursuit of the truth swiftly thrusts her into a maze of unanswered questions and unexpected heartache.
Meanwhile, time is running out for Madeline. If Caitlin doesn't find the proof she is looking for soon, there may not be a future for any of them."
Inspired by real life stories, this novel tore my heart apart. One moment I found myself aching for Madeline and Parker, the next rooting for Parker to kiss Caitlin. I was afraid the romance in the story would seem false when interwoven with such a serious subject, but it felt very real.
Rachel delves into the critical issues of drug abuse, protecting precious children, and how sometimes our legal system can injure the innocent. It is obvious the author knows her subject well and feels passionately about it. This is a book that I will not soon forget. I would highly recommend you all read it.
To purchase Saving Madeline, please refer to the publisher's website -
To win your free copy, just post a comment below. You can also post a comment on the other blogs participating in the Saving Madeline tour to increase your chances of winning. Please refer to Rachel's blog -
Thanks Rachel for sharing this thought-provoking book with me,


  1. ooo, that book sounds great. Can't wait to read it!

  2. I think you'd really enjoy it, Laci. How are you?

  3. I am waiting to receive this book for a review and I can't wait to read it! You don't need to enter me in the giveaway. Looking forward to reading more of your reviews.

  4. Thanks, Laura for stopping by. You will love this book. It's my favorite of Rachel's so far and I've been reading her since I fell in love with reading eighteen years ago.

  5. Hi! Sounds like a great book. Please accept my entry into this fabulous giveaway. Thanks!

  6. Thanks for the review, Cami. I'm glad you enjoyed the book! Thanks for the comments everyone!

  7. Thank you, Rachel. I love reading any of your books!

  8. It sounds like a GREAT book! I want to read it!

  9. Can't wait to read it. Of course a free book may speed up the process. . .

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