Saturday, January 2, 2010

101 Gourmet Cupcakes Giveaway

101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes
by Wendy Paul
Small cakes with big ideas!
Everyone loves a cupcake. But not many people have the time or know-how to create gourmet masterpieces. Now even the most novice baker can make delicious cupcakes with the ease and convenience of using a cake mix! With step-by-step recipes and numerous tips for success, baking gourmet cupcakes has never been faster or easier.
Each mouth watering, full-color photograph showcases the artfully decorated treats, such as Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Caramel Surprise. Whether it's for a birthday party, a holiday, or just because there is a cupcake recipe for every occasion.
Wendy Paul, veteran baker and author of the popular cookbook, Good As Gold, now shares her secrets of success so that everyone can enjoy baking as much as she does. With 101 Gourmet Cupcakes in 10 Minutes, it won't be long before you are wowing your friends and family with elaborate, delectable creations worthy of any bakery!
Double Fudge
1 box chocolate cake mix
3 eggs
1 cup half and half or heavy cream
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips, melted
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
Mix together cake mix, eggs, and cream. Fold in melted chocolate chips and regular chocolate chips.
Pour batter into paper lined cups and bake at 350 degrees for 15-18 minutes or until cupcakes spring back when lightly touched. Place on a rack and cool completely. Frost when cooled.
Frosting Suggestions: Chocolate Buttercream & Chocolate Ganache
Wendy's website (lots of fun recipes) -
I met Wendy Paul at a book signing last month. She is a delightful, beautiful lady. I bought 101 Gourmet Cupcakes and gave it to my sister-in-law for Christmas. I wish I would've kept it for myself! I'll just have to go buy another copy. The cookbook is available at Barnes & Noble, Borders, Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Costco, Deseret Book, and Seagull.
Enter to win your free copy of 101 Gourmet Cupcakes.
Must be a follower of my blog to enter.
1 entry for sharing how you beat the winter blahs
2 entries for sharing the current giveaway on Twitter or Facebook (please provide a link)
4 entries for posting about the current giveaway or the month-long contest on your personal blog or putting it on your sidebar. If you post about the overall contest, please let me know which book you'd like your extra entries put towards. (please provide a link)
Please include an e-mail address or other contact info.
Contest closes January 17th.
Contest open to residents of U.S. and Canada.
This contest is now closed.
Best of luck, my friends. On Monday, the 4th, we'll be spotlighting and giving away Where the Wind Blows, an amazing inspirational historical romance by Caroline Fyffe. See you then.


  1. Oh getting rid of the Blahs--CHOCOLATE!
    That and some exercise.

  2. The fudge cupcakes sound mouth watering. Seems like a wonderful recipe.

  3. I posted something about todays give away on my blog. Thanks for such a wonderful contest.

  4. I am beating the winter blahs by catching up on all the movies I wanted to see earlier in the year and didn't. For example, yesterday I watched Disney Pixar's UP and loved it.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  5. I get rid of the blahs by enjoying some music on the radio!

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  8. I am a follower of your blog(I follow as primrose)


  9. I beat the winter blues/blahs by immersing myself in things that I can get caught up in; e.g. reading, watching TV, doing crafts, playing games on computer- I don't have to think at these times about the blues.


  10. I follow your blog, and I beat the winter blahs by walking, no matter how bad the weather.

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  12. tweet entry 2

  13. Thanks everyone for the tips on beating the winter blahs. Lately all we've been doing is cleaning house. I'm afraid it's making us more ornery!
    Thanks for the entries. You will love this book.

  14. I love to cook treats when it is too cold to go outside and make a nice hot meal for the family I work for

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  16. I beat the winter blahs by covering up and watching tv and drinking tea. I also lether up with my favorite lotion so my skin won't be so itchy. Cuccio milk and honey body butter. It's the best.
    I also tweeted here:

  17. im a follower

    i blogged baout the month long give away

    can i get my extra entrie son this contest here for the cupcake book

  18. to beat the winterblahs i read alot draw and even color in a coloring book hang out with my cute neices and remind my self can always be worse

  19. I beat the winter blahs with yummy food.

  20. Hey, I'm follower # 56. I hope you have many more before the contest is done.

    I love to have soup in the winter. It warms me from the inside, while a nice soft blanket gets me from the outside. Oh, and hot chocolate. Lots and lots of hot chocolate!

  21. Love the hot chocolate too, Kim. Thanks for being follower #56!
    Okay, Kimmy, I'm going to have to find Cuccio milk and honey body butter. My skin is a mess right now.
    Thanks everyone for stopping by and sharing the contest with others.

  22. If I had the winter blahs, I would beat them by drinking plenty of hot chocolate with Torani syrups in them (right now I'm using almond roca).

    I moved to Arizona from Oregon last year, so I miss the winter gloom of gray skies, rain, and cold. For me, something about 65 degrees and sunshine in December and January just isn't right. I celebrate the gloomy skies when they come.

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  24. I beet the winter blahs with hot chocolate---when ever I get blue and it's cold out a big cup of hot chocolate puts a smile on my face--goes great with a good book or a good movie.

  25. I got a Wii and that is helping tremendously, keeps me moving and interested in exercise

  26. Follower of the blog! bekki1820cb at gmail

    I beat the winter blues, by playing tons with my son and baking!

  27. Thanks for the entries, friends.
    Stormy - I was tempted to tease you about enjoying the sunshine and saying you miss the gloom, but I think you're right. I really enjoy all the seasons. Those Torani syrups are heavenly!
    Good for you, Rebecca. My big boys went back to school today so the 3yo and I are in mourning, but I need to focus on enjoying him.
    Thanks all for your suggestions. Love the hot cocoa!

  28. i LOVE to bake to beat the blues. my family apreciates it, and I love to do it. I follow.

  29. I beat the blahs by reading a good book or watching a beloved classic sitcom such as The Andy Griffith Show.
    I follow via Google.

    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  30. Love to bake too, Susan. So fun when it's snowing outside!
    I'd forgotten about the Andy Griffith's show, Ellie. That is a classic!

  31. For me it's not just chocolate, it's cacao nibs to beat the blahs. All of the theobromine, none of the added sugar.

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  33. I beat the winter blahs by cooking.

  34. Beat the winer blahs - bundle up and get outside and spend time with loving friends and family
    mannasweeps (at))) gmaildotcom

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  37. Cacao nibs? I'm going to have to find those!
    Great job on getting outside, Marianna. That's a great idea!

  38. I beat the winter blahs by planning home remodels I want to do over the next year.

  39. I'm taking advantage of the winter blah's and this cold weather by catching up on my reading (I'm just trying to not feel guilty about not doing something productive) ;)

  40. I beat the Winter Blahs by making my home as cozy as possible and surrounding myself with creature comforts. I love to make soup and bake bread, and both of those things smell wonderful and are yummy for the tummy! I'll curl up on the couch with a warm, soft afghan and my even warmer and softer cat-children. Add a book or a good movie for entertainment, and then later some good coffee and chocolate, and I am really set!

    I am a new Google Friend Connect Follower & Google Reader Subscriber.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  41. Never feel guilty for reading, Christy!
    I want to come to your house, Virginia. Sounds wonderful!
    Andrea, you are amazing. I keep thinking someday I'm going to repaint, but then I always have an excuse.

  42. I read -- that always helps get past the winter blahs. Well, and also a fire and some hot chocolate :-)

  43. Reading always helps me get past the winter blahs!:) What a great contest!;) I also love to bake. What yummy treat wouldn't chase away the winter blahs!?

  44. Thanks, Marie and Chantele for your entries. A fire and baking sounds nice today. It's 6 degrees in Smithfield and rotten air quality so we're stuck inside.

  45. I beat the blues by leaving having an outing at LEAST 1x/, playing in the snow with kids, going on a drive, going to library, going to thrift store and let kids check out the toy dept...:) helps me keep a little sanity and get some of the cabin fever out of us all

  46. That's such a great idea, Jen. I really need to get out more. I'm pretty wrapped up in morning sickness and planning what I can eat next!
    Whenever we look at toys I have to keep repeating, "We're not buying anything today, we're not buying anything today!" Sometimes we make it out of the store without a complete meltdown.

  47. Great idea, Cami! Thanks for stopping by my blog . . .I have been a very bad bloggist lately.


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