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Book Giveaway - The Sister Pact by Cami Checketts

Savannah Compton is devastated when her sister and best friend, Allison, falls into a coma after a tragic accident. Or was it an accident? Even with a charming and handsome detective at her side, it seems Savannah may never discover the truth. But if she doesn’t her family could be in even more danger. And Savannah’s past holds its own secrets that could change everything.
Now she must prove her innocence to the one person who is beginning to matter most. Join Savannah as she struggles to summon faith and rely on hope, even in the darkest of circumstances, and learn how the bond between sisters can overcome anything.
Chapter One
Wesley Richins dimmed the lights, inching to a stop across the street from his target’s two-story house. The Hummer was loud. Too loud. He cut the motor and peered out his windshield. Light radiated from the interior of the house, spilling onto the porch and yard. He couldn’t see the woman. He waited.
Minutes later he received his reward, a glimpse of her at the kitchen window. She filled a glass with water and handed it to her baby.
Wes licked his lips. His eyes devoured her: Dark hair, olive skin, sparkling brown eyes. His heartbeat increased. Three weeks. His fingers tapped a staccato on the steering wheel. Three weeks of watching and waiting. He wrapped his palm around the wheel. Tonight was the payoff.
She walked from the kitchen and moments later passed the panes of glass adorning her front door. A glance at the clock confirmed his wait was almost over—nine p.m., bedtime for her son. He rubbed his hands together. He’d give her some time to relax and then make his appearance.
How would she react? He tilted the rearview mirror and grinned at his reflection. What a dumb question. How did every woman react to him?
She’d melt.
Win your free copy of The Sister Pact
Must be a follower of the blog to enter
1 Entry for sharing why you love your sister (and sister can mean s-i-l, best friend, cousin, etc.)
2 Entries for sharing the contest on Twitter or Facebook
4 Entries for sharing the contest on your personal blog or placing it on your sidebar
Please let me know a link if you shared the contest.
Please include your name and an e-mail address or other way I can contact you.
Contest closes February 1, 2010.
Contest is open to residents of the U.S. and Canada.
On Monday, January 18th, I'll be spotlighting and giving away Counting the Cost by Liz Adair. See you then,


  1. I am a follower.

    One of my sisters had cancer and the other sister quit her job (as a nurse at a hospital) to be this first sister's private duty oncology nurse. The Nursing siser was the other sister's constant companion during the entire cancer ordeal and the bone marrow transplant and isolation. The nursing sister has also been with me during a major health issue as weel.
    The sister who had cancer is now 8 yrs out from the bone marrow transplant.
    It got to be the three of us plus our mother,while we were going through this. Our sisters in law live in different areas of the world and country. But we care for them just as much.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  2. Happily, I have six sisters who also happen to be my best friends. They are all kind, considerate, hilarious and wonderful and I will always be grateful to my mother for having the courage and fortitude to raise seven girls. :)
    Thanks, Cami! I recently listed to your radio interview and would love to read your book. You seem like a remarkable person.

  3. I also posted on Twitter! (

  4. I think it's fun when we talk about fun times we had growing up on our small farm.

    I don't have a blog

  5. My best friend and I met over 30 years ago in high school. I still live in the same small town, and she has lived all over the place! I never married. She married and had three children. No matter what has transpired in each of our lives, when we get together, we're still those two girls from high school Spanish class : )

    I am a follower. Please enter my name in the drawing.

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  6. My oldest sister lives out of state. When we get together (maybe 1-2 times per year) we recall old times and end up laughing so hard we both get belly-aches that last for days.
    Andrea :)

  7. Oh, Suburban Prep. I'm so glad you have each other and I'm thrilled your sister is doing better.
    Thanks, Rachel. I'm glad you liked the radio interview. At one point I hyperventilated. I get so nervous, even with no live audience!

    It's wonderful to hear about all these fabulous sister and friend relationships. I'm also blessed with amazing friends, s-i-l's, and of course my little sister that I adore.

  8. I have a bond with several of my "Sisters" in my ward. I'm so grateful for the goals we share, and the strength we give each other.

  9. I have two sisters. One who is my other triplet and the other who not one of the triplets but is older. As you grow up you realize how important family is. When you're young you don't want others know who you are related to. I'm glad I have grown up and know the importance of families and the love we share as sisters.

  10. I do not have any sisters but I do have a friend that I consider to be my sister. I love that I can be my true self with her, even when my true self is not all that beautiful to be around, and she still loves me.

    Please enter me to win. This book sounds wonderful!
    I am a follower of your blog and have it linked from blog.
    ~Jen Unsell

  11. I placed this contest on the sidebar of my blog.

    ~Jen Unsell

  12. You know, I've GOT to win this book! :)

    So, let's see. I have many sisters, but one I love for the reason that she loves me when I'm not always nice. She's forgiving and accepting of me, despite disagreements and less-than-perfect situations. We have a mutual unconditional love - despite driving each other crazy at times. That's the coolest thing about sisters, I think.

    I'll be hopefully posting on my blog tomorrow... I'll do a separate comment when I do! Hope I WIN!!! :D It's time I send you some Tupperware...

  13. Cami,

    Oh heck, I don't stand a chance of winning. But I do have a $20 gift certificate at Deseret Book, can I find Sister Pact there? Because it's on my to-read list... Or you could send me a free copy and I'll do a review and interview on my blog!!!!

    Anyway, either way, I'm entering this contest and I have 3 sisters who are each so different but amazing in their own ways.


  14. my one sister was there for me after my breast cancer surgery and she made up meals to freeze so there would be something to eat when I didn't feel like cooking for dh and me.

    the other sister has been good in that when I see something on sale in a flyer I phone her to get it and she does. We live an hour from the city.

    They are both great in different ways.


  15. I love all these great sister and friend relationships.
    Triplets, Robin? Oh, my. Was your mother okay? I bet that was wonderful having so many close siblings growing up.
    Karen - You can find The Sister Pact at Deseret Book. Let me ask my publicist about a review. I used up many more review copies than I was supposed to! I'll get back to you soon. Thanks for the offer.
    I know, Jen. It's definitely your time and I definitely need Tupperware!
    Thanks all for sharing the contest,

  16. I love my sister because she is the other 1/2 of me...she makes me laugh until I cry.

  17. Tweeted:

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  19. Jolynn Ward Rood posted on facebook about this contest. I posted today 1-18-10 but I want the extra entry for The Secret Pact.

  20. I am a follower

    I love my biological sisters as well as my sisters in Christ because they have nurtured me and encouraged me throughout my trails in life. Truly they are all God's tender mercies in my life.

  21. Tweet entry#1

  22. Tweet entry#2

  23. Thanks, Lee-Ann, Jolynn, and Cheryl for sharing the contest.
    I know what you mean, Cheryl, I love all the women young and old that touch my heart.

  24. Some of the best sisters I have are those who are fellow writters. For some reason they understand how I think and how I feel. They know just the right thing to say when I'm feeling down.

  25. I definitely need other writers as well.
    Thanks, Connie for being my 100th follower. Loving that!

  26. Hello Cami, Your book looks great and I'm excited to read it (whether I win or not). I have 2 sisters. My younger sister and I used to finish each others sentences though those days are long gone. I still want to be like my older sister when I grow up.

  27. I just posted a link on my blog. You can find it at

  28. I have 5 sisters and I can tell them anything and talk to them. It is wonderful because we are wonderful friends and have so much fun together.

  29. I posted about the past 3 book on my blog. You can contact me from my blog.

  30. Thanks M.R. and Elizabeth. Sister are delightful. I can't imagine five! I only have one and she's enough younger that I just bossed her around. Lots of fun for me.

  31. Love my sister now--not so much when we were kids. :-) She is now my sounding board and a great confidante--and she is my #1 cheerleader.

    coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

  32. Tweeted entry 1
    coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

  33. Tweeted entry 2
    coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com

  34. It's amazing how our relationships change as we age. I'm so glad you have a wonderful sister, Robyn.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. Please enter me into the contest, I am a follower and also have your button on my blog

    I always loved my sisters had 6 of them but 5 are gone on to meet Jesus, The one I have left is almost 90 and she has azetimers. She is next to the oldest child of 10. I am the baby of the family so all my sisters spoiled me rotten.


  37. Thanks, Casey and Edna for entering and sharing.
    Edna - I am so sorry that your sisters are leaving you. I'm glad I'm the oldest so I'll get to go first. I also love spoiling my baby sister rotten.

  38. I love my sister because she is simply that... my sister. She's my best friend and the person that I can talk to at anytime, even though she's younger than I am. She's crazy and fun and has a great sense of humor. She's cheerful and compassionate, has one of the best singing voices I've ever heard, and is talented at writing in her own respects. She's amazing, and I wouldn't want anyone else to be my sister!

    This book sounds great... I'd love to win it! thepeachykeenwriter[at]yahoo[dot]com

  39. Hi,
    I would love to win this book.
    I have a very precious sister. She is always there for me even though we live hundreds and hundreds miles away from each other. She is always in my heart. I would do anything for her.
    Thank you,
    Wanda Chamberlain

  40. Thanks, Audra and Wanda, for sharing about your lovely sisters. That is exactly the way a sister should be!

  41. I follow in GFC
    I love my sister because she's always there for me, as I am for her.
    Thanks ~ megalon22 at yahoo dot com

  42. I love my sister because she is always there for me!


    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  43. Tweet! Tweet!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  44. Tweet! Tweet!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net


  45. Thanks for all the fun entries, my friends. I'm heading now to pick the winner.


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