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Book Giveaway - Where the Wind Blows

Two hearts meant to be together;
One secret bound to rip them apart.
Chase Logan liked being a loner, a drifter, free and clear as a mountain stream. But one look into Jessie Strong's sky blue eyes and in the span of a heartbeat, he found himself agreeing to be her husband-and a father!
Jessie Strong knew it was all pretend. And only temporary. Just until the adoption went through for three-year-old Sarah. But the longer Chase stayed, the less she could imagine a long, lonely Wyoming winter without him. Times may be tough-supplies short and danger just outside the doorstep-but with the strength of the pioneer spirit and the warm glow of love in their hearts, Chase and Jessie are determined to have a true family at last, no matter WHERE THE WIND BLOWS.
The silence stretched between them.
Jessie stepped over to the bed and pulled up the covers. She patted and fluffed until Chase cleared his throat.
"I've been circling this thing for hours. All night, in fact," Chase said with a sigh.
"I can't believe this is happening now after you were so good to come back to help me. For nothing. For nothing at all. This is what you get in return for your kindness."
With a glance, Chase interrupted her. "I couldn't help hearing your conversation with Mrs. Hollyhock. You don't really like being forced into this sham, any more than I do. But I don't want to see you lose Sarah, either. And even more, I don't want Sarah to lose you. I've become fond of her, and the thought of her being motherless after just being reunited. It's not something I want haunting me."
"Chase, I can't let you do this," Jessie said. "I'll work it out myself, somehow."
"Let me finish." Again Chase was struck by how young she was, and by all the hardships she'd already faced alone. "I think I have an answer that can work for both of us." He paused to think the idea through his head one more time. "We'll get married today."
Where The Wind Blows
*Golden Heart Winner
Dorchester Publishing
I met Caroline Fyffe last year at the Utah RWA fall conference where she won first prize in not one but two categories. She is a lovely person and an amazing writer. It's been so fun to watch her writing career skyrocket with a Golden Heart win and many other recognitions of how fabulous she writes.
Enter to win your free copy of Where the Wind Blows.
Must be a follower of my blog to enter.
1 entry for sharing a New Year's Resolution
2 entries for sharing the current giveaway on Twitter or Facebook (please provide a link)
4 entries for posting about the current giveaway or the month-long contest on your personal blog or putting it on your sidebar. If you post about the overall contest, please let me know which book you'd like your extra entries put towards. (please provide a link)
Please include an e-mail address or other contact info.
Contest closes January 19th.
Contest open to residents of U.S. and Canada.
This contest is now closed.
Best of luck friends. On Wednesday, January 6th, I'll be spotlighting and giving away, Guided by Him to a Thinner Not So Stressed-Out You! by Julie Morris.


  1. I've got lots and lots of reading to do. This year, my goal is to read 50 books.

  2. I'd love to lose about 10 more pounds.

    Thanks, Cami!

  3. I am going to try not to worry quite so much and still have patience.

  4. Cami, I'm now following your blog, and I've posted about the giveaway on my blog--I'd love those to go toward "All the Star in Heaven". You can see the post at

    One of my new Year's resolutions is to spend at least part of the day focusing on my writing and publicity, even if I have a full day of other things going on. I also want to submit at least two more books for publication before the year ends.

    You an reach me at Heather at HeatherJustesen dot com!

  5. Loving all these resolutions, especially the patience - oh, I need that! I keep blaming the orneriness on pregnancy but that's getting old quick!

    Thanks, Heather, for sharing the contest on your blog. Good luck with your writing goals. You're amazing!

  6. Hi Kim, Heidi, Suburban prep, and Heather! Thanks so much for stopping by!! All those resolutions sound really good. I'd love to read more! Even ten books...and I love the thought of not worrying so much. We just moved across country so I'm trying not to stress while getting my bearings in a new town… it’s hard. Heather—great goals. You can do it. Submit, submit, submit!! That’s the only way publication happens! And Heidi, I’m right there with you!! We can do it!!!!

    Cami, thanks so much for having me today!! I'm so thrilled about your new little one. That is such great news. Be sure to pamper yourself. Pregnancy is such a wonderful time in a woman’s life. I loved every second of my two! ~~~<3

  7. I am a blog follower


  8. for the new year I plan on sticking up for myself in a nice way; and being more assertive is how I will have to accomplish this. I won't let others run me down and not answer them.


  9. I am now a follower. I made a resolution to not make any this year. I do want to lose weight but making aresolution puts too much rpessure on me.

  10. I just became a follower. My New Year's resolution is to dig out from all the clutter I've allowed to accumulate in our home in the past year.
    Thanks ~ megalon22 at yahoo dot com

  11. Thanks, Caroline. I am so thrilled to be pregnant.
    Debby - I am with you. This is the first year ever that I haven't had a list of resolutions! But for me it always works better if I set small monthly goals and put them on my calendar, but I'm not even doing that.
    I like your resolution Robyn. I've found that people who run someone down often don't even realize they're being hurtful. We had a bully situation with my son last year and when the bully was called out on it he completely changed. It was such a blessing.
    Good luck with the clutter Cheryl. We cleaned and cleaned last week and already my 3yo has reassembled a pile of toys and junk. Good thing he's cute!

  12. Hi Robyn,
    I think that’s a great resolution. I will keep you in my prayers. ((:^>

  13. Debby,
    Whatever works to keep us on track and looking forward....

    Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

  14. Cheryl,
    One of the most uplifting things I ever did was to sort and toss, give away or use. It’s just amazing how much stuff we have that we don’t need.
    Good going….

  15. I want to be able to get out more. Not sit as much reading in my room even though i enjoy it lots. I need to get out and exercise more often.

  16. My resolution is to use more coupons and save more money this year.
    I follow via Google.

    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  17. Tweeted the giveaway.

    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  18. Hopefully the weather will get nicer, Elizabeth, so you can get out more. We went on a walk today, but it was freezing!
    I started coupon shopping last year, Ellie. I've been a little burned out lately. You're right. I need to give it another try!

  19. I'm following you! My resolution is to save money this year!

  20. Follower of the blog bekki1820cb at gmail

  21. New Years Resolution: Spend more play time with my son. bekki1820cb at gmail

  22. Good for you, Rebecca and Tamara. Best of luck with your very worthy goals.

  23. I blogged about the give away. I think book sounds amazing.

  24. You're pregnant, Cami?!? Oh, that's such wonderful news--congratulations!!! I'm sure you'll cherish whatever you have, but deep inside do you hope for a girl? I adore my boys, but I'm starting to yearn for a girl who'll really be my friend for life (even after she marries). Does that make any sense?

  25. Thanks, Heidi! I know exactly what you mean. My boys are wonderful and would have ten, but boys seem to leave their Mommas when they grow up.

  26. Exactly! And I know that's how God intended it, but it still makes me sad.

  27. Elizabeth, I need to get out more also. We can work on that one together.

    Elli, I've never really been into using coupons, but admire the people who do. I don't get a paper so I never really see any. Good luck!

    Tamera, another vote to save money in 2010!! Good going!

    Rebecca--I wish I could spend more time with mine. Both are grown and in other states for college. It does happen too soon!

    Hi Heidi, I came from an all girl family so it was different having two boys. You are right about them going off as God intended. That's just the way of it.

    Thank you, everyone, for your comments and resolutions. Especially, thank you to Cami for having me these past two days and giving me a chance to talk about Where the Wind Blows.

    I wish everyone a wonderful 2010. May it be filled with love, happiness and joy!

    Love and prayers,

  28. I'm working on organizing my house -- definitely a year-long goal! Books are my favorite way to wind down at the end of the day.

  29. only resolution i have really is to read more and get angry less easier said then done nice resolutrions everyon

  30. I don't make resolutions (since I never seem to be able to keep them) but I do set goals: Read at least 80 books this year and write to my son (who is leaving for Chile in a week) and my nephew who is in Russia at least once a week are at the top of my list.

  31. Hi Cami,

    I don't make new year resolutions. But, I would like to win the book. :)

    Wendy Davy

  32. Caroline,

    I forgot to mention in my earlier post, but I'm really looking forward to reading WHERE THE WIND BLOWS ~ it is at the top of my shopping list.
    I was one of the three finalists in your Under A Western Sky Contest.


  33. My New Year's Resolution is to eat more chocolate in 2010 : )

    U.S. Resident
    New Google Friend Connect Follower & Google Reader Subscriber

    gcwhiskas at aol dot com

  34. Andrea--I agree with you. I can't think of a better way to relax than read a book I love. Totally one of my favorite things to do!!!

    Hi, SiNn--tempers are hard to tame for everyone. Good luck and good reading!

    ChristyJan--Hello! Thanks for entering the Under A Western Sky Contest. That was a lot of fun for me to see the creative endings readers sent in. Which entry was yours? I hope you enjoy Where the Wind Blows. And, good luck and travels to your son and nephew.

    Wendy Davy--Good luck in the drawing!!

    I'm with you, Virginia, never enough Chocolate in my estimation. Any and all I love!!

  35. Haha. Love the goal of eating more chocolate Virginia! Chocolate makes me sick right now and I am seriously going through withdrawal.
    Thanks for all the fun entries, friends. Good luck on winning this fabulous book!

  36. Hey! Congrats on your pregnancy! How wonderful for you.
    I follow your blog. As far as New Year's Resolutions, I didn't make any as I never really seem to keep them. Spring seems to work better for me for making changes; don't know why. Change of light, maybe?
    Tweeted this contest

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!


  37. Thanks Pixie for following and sharing the giveaway. We are so thrilled about the baby. Saw the perfect little one yesterday at the first ultrasound. I love the little heart fluttering away.
    Maybe in the spring I'll feel up to some changes as well!

  38. My new years resolution to loose some weight.

  39. I wish I were with you, Abi. JK. I'm happy to gain weight for an adorable baby's sake!

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