Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Yesterday was a miserable day. A woman told me I looked "awful." She was grateful I was pregnant so I had a reason for how terrible I looked. Then I got a nasty review on one of my books. Add that to pregnancy sickness and winter blahs and I was truly depressed.
Then I realized that no one can keep me from being happy if I choose to be. Marjorie Hinckley once said, "I can choose to be miserable or happy. I choose happy."
I also choose happy. I choose to put a smile on my face and realize that I have many, many blessings and no matter what anyone says or does - Cami Checketts is going to be happy.
You may wonder what this has to do with books or writing. I've known writers who've let depression or a bad review crash their writing and ruin their creative spirit. No matter what your goals or dreams - Don't let anyone or anything hold you down.
As the cute boy at the grocery store tells me every week, "Make it a great day."


  1. Did this lady tell you you looked fat or maybe anemic too? LOL! Let's stack up the helpful compliments, right? (Now by no means am I saying that about you - they're just lines I've heard.:)

    I so feel for you! Maybe it was something in the air, but yesterday was tough. Just remember you're fabulous - and smiling is always helpful - so true! Here's hoping today is better!

  2. When I was pregnant it seemed that things were amplified. Maybe it was the raging hormones...
    Anyhow, your post made me smile. I've been in your situation and I applaude you on choosing to be happy!! Thanks for sharing a little part of you with us.

  3. Pregnant=beautiful, priceless, motherhood. Remember that. As far as the review . . . I know this is easier to say than to think, but the truth is not everyone will love everything we write, but many will. Look at Stephenie Meyers. Look at the scriptures. :)

  4. What is wrong with people? Why would anyone with any sense approach another human being, especially a female and tell her she looked terrible? And as for bad reviews, if you're going to be published, you'll get your share. I know I have. P.S. I won a copy of Sister Pact! Can't wait to read it!

  5. And especially to say that at church!!! Geesh!!

  6. Thanks, my friends. Your comments all made me smile and made my day better!
    You're right, Ronda, as writers we put ourselves out there and have to learn to deal with what comes and nothing is better than expecting a precious baby.
    I hope you enjoy the book Karen.

  7. Hmm... I happen to think pregnant is beautiful.
    It's sad but some people cannot see us happy... don't let them shake you ... Just smile!!
    You know what? A friend of mine always says: Your happiness is their defeat.
    We just need to pray and ask God to breathe in those hearts made of stone...
    How come a pregnant looks awful? LOL That's is unacceptable!


  8. Wow--you are awesome. Fear of rejection will definitely be one of my hang-ups in trying to get published. I will try to remember your wonderful advice and example.

  9. Thanks, Heidi and Lady Araujo. I know. I love my pregnant belly!
    Rejection just makes us tougher, forces us to improve. But mean ladies at church? I really don't have hard feelings, just had to share because it was a good lesson for me.


I love comments! Thanks for taking the time to make me feel happy.

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