Thursday, May 27, 2010

Used Books?

What do you do with books after you read them? I rarely re-read a book (except for childrens and the scriptures), but I'm always torn about what to do with my books after I've enjoyed them.
Do you donate them to the library, share them with friends and family, recycle them (oh, that makes me cringe), or dedicate a room in your house as your book shrine?
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Review - Broken Birds

World War II has long since ended, and yet Jaclyn and her brothers and sisters grow up learning to survive it. Having lived through the Holocaust on the principle of constant distrust, their mother, Channa, dutifully teaches her children to cling to one another while casting a suspicious eye to the outside world. When Channa dies, the unexpected contents of her will force her adult children to confront years of suppressed indignation. For Jaclyn and her siblings, the greatest war will not be against strangers, but against each other.

Broken Birds, The Story of My Momila, is Jeannette Katzir's achingly honest memoir of the enduring effects of war. From her parents' harrowing experience during the Holocaust to her own personal battles, Katzir exposes the maladies of heart and mind that those broken by war inevitably and unintentionally pass down to the generations that follow.

My Review:

The initial story of Broken Birds was amazing. Reading about how the author's parents each survived the holocaust broke my heart and completely captured me.

Unfortunately the rest of the book wasn't so engaging. The author shared her family history - marriages, jobs, babies, fights between siblings, etc.

It was sad to see the effect the Holocaust had on subsequent generations, but I wish the author would've focused more on her parents' experiences.

Jeanette Katzir's Website

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review and Giveaway - The Mark by Marilyn Bunderson

She's had it forever. A tiny mark on her hand. No big deal, right? But when Tori discovers that her ordinary freckle is really some kind of microscopic tattoo, she doesn't know what to think, especially after meeting Eric, a guy she feels strangely connected to--and not just because he has a mark too.
All too soon, Tori and Eric realize that atheir marks are only the first clue to a mystery that will change everything. And with each new discovery, Tori finds herself pulled deeper and deeper into a world she could never have imagined.
The premise of The Mark intrigued me. The book capitalized on that premise. Each new discovery made me want to read more. There was a bit of suspense, a whole lot of mystery, and times when I just had to ignore my cute boys and keep reading.
The romance reminded me a bit of Twilight. A young girl who's never been in love, then falls so hard she can't handle being apart from her boyfriend. Thankfully Tori has her own talents and abilities so she isn't completely dependent and Eric is really cute, even if I could be his mother (it's hard getting old).
As an adult I really enjoyed this book, but I'm betting it's going to explode in the YA market. I will definitely share it with my nieces.
The book is set up for a sequel. I'm excited to see what happens to Eric and Tori next.
Win your free copy of The Mark: Marilyn has generously offered an autographed copy of The Mark to one of my followers. Just leave a comment on this blog post to be entered.
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Contest closes June 6, 2010
Thanks, friends. I hope you enjoy The Mark. If you've read it, please share your own thoughts.
Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book Review - More than Conquerors by Kathi Macias

True love ignites their passionate pursuit of His call With violent crime on the rise and the political climate changing throughout certain parts of Mexico, the opportunity for open Christian witness, particularly in some areas of Chiapas State, is rapidly decreasing. Hector Rodriguez pastors a small church in the tourist-popular border town of Tijuana. He also routinely carries Bibles deeper into the hostile areas of Mexico, where he ministers despite increasing difficulty and persecution. Hectors mother accompanied him on one of those trips and felt God called her to stay in the little village of San Juan Chamula, where she uses the Scriptures to teach reading to the families who are open to it. In retaliation for Hectors bringing the Bibles into areas hostile to Christians and in an effort to dissuade him from continuing to expand his ministry there, Hectors mother is murdered. Hector must decide if he will continue his work despite his worries about protecting his wife and children.
My Review:
Last month I posted a review of No Greater Love by Kathi Macias, the first book in her Extreme Devotion series. I adored that book. Truthfully, one of the best reads I've had in a long, long time. The second book in the series, More than Conquerors, was a bit different experience for me. In More than Conquerors the characters were very interesting, as was the premise. It was also an amazing story of faith and love, but it read very slow for me. The characters were given to introspection. As I said, it's still a very well-written, interesting book. I would recommend it, but don't expect the pace to be non-stop action like No Greater Love. I'm excited to read Kathi's third book in the Extreme Devotion series Red Ink. Whether it's fast-paced like No Greater Love or more thoughtful like More than Conquerors, I'm sure it'll be tremendous.
Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review and Giveaways - The Pitch by Linda J. Lord

Linda draws on her experience as a soccer mom to create a fictionalized business book. In it she tells the story of Liz, a struggling single mother whose business is in steady decline. She relates the concepts learned at her son’s soccer practices to turn her business around, but in her effort to save her business, has she lost her son?
The Pitch was a very interesting book for me. It's fiction, but teaches lessons like a nonfiction book. I really enjoyed that. I usually force myself to read nonfiction, especially anything to do with business (fitness or religion I can handle, but business?). This book taught me some essential lessons about improving my business and my husband's business but did it in such a non-threatening way that I didn't feel like I was "learning." I had to keep reading to see how Liz turned her business and her life around. Her son's challenges also made the book feel very real and drew me in as a mother. I would definitely recommend you read this book as a way to help your business and your life.
Today you have the opportunity to enter two great contests from Linda. I'm going to separate them to avoid any confusion.
Contest #1
Enter today or tomorrow on this blog post to win one of the following:
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The questions are (1) name 3 soccer rules, and (2) name 3 soccer positions.

One dollar from the sale of each book goes to the Hemophilia Society of Ontario, South Western Ontario Region.

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Contest #2

Leave a comment on the blog anytime between now and May 22nd to win one of several copies of The Pitch.

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Lots of fun things to win today. Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Results of April's Challenge

Last month I gave up buying treats to donate more money to Humanitarian Aid (a fund sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to help those in need throughout the world).
I'm donating forty dollars extra to humanitarian aid this month. Not all of that was from the treats we gave up, half of it was because of the treats we bought that I had to pay double for! But it's all for a good cause and I really was proud of the times that my boys and I abstained. My friend, Sheila, at Book Journey sponsored this challenge. What a wonderful idea. Thanks Sheila!

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