Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Review and Giveaways - The Pitch by Linda J. Lord

Linda draws on her experience as a soccer mom to create a fictionalized business book. In it she tells the story of Liz, a struggling single mother whose business is in steady decline. She relates the concepts learned at her son’s soccer practices to turn her business around, but in her effort to save her business, has she lost her son?
The Pitch was a very interesting book for me. It's fiction, but teaches lessons like a nonfiction book. I really enjoyed that. I usually force myself to read nonfiction, especially anything to do with business (fitness or religion I can handle, but business?). This book taught me some essential lessons about improving my business and my husband's business but did it in such a non-threatening way that I didn't feel like I was "learning." I had to keep reading to see how Liz turned her business and her life around. Her son's challenges also made the book feel very real and drew me in as a mother. I would definitely recommend you read this book as a way to help your business and your life.
Today you have the opportunity to enter two great contests from Linda. I'm going to separate them to avoid any confusion.
Contest #1
Enter today or tomorrow on this blog post to win one of the following:
Prize 1: 1 $50.00 Amazon gift card

Prize 2: 2 $25.00 Amazon gift cards Prize 3: 2 copies of The Pitch

You will need to leave a comment (10 entries) or answer my soccer contest questions (25 entries) on my site. Or on any of the participating tour stop sites on the scheduled tour date to enter. And to finish off your entry, leave your email address in the post or send a message to

The questions are (1) name 3 soccer rules, and (2) name 3 soccer positions.

One dollar from the sale of each book goes to the Hemophilia Society of Ontario, South Western Ontario Region.

Purchase copies of The Pitch from Amazon Click here

Purchase copies of The Pitch from Barnes & Nobile Click here

Good for 300 entries per book you purchase by using the links above. Email your receipt to

Contest #2

Leave a comment on the blog anytime between now and May 22nd to win one of several copies of The Pitch.

Please indicate that you are entering contest #2 with your comment.

You must be a follower of my blog to enter.

For extra entries:

Two extra entries for sharing the contest on Twitter or Facebook.

Four extra entries for sharing the contest on your blog or placing it on your sidebar.

Lots of fun things to win today. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Wow sounds like an interesting book.

  2. The questions are (1) name 3 soccer rules, and (2) name 3 soccer positions


    2 halves and 10 players and 1 goalie


  3. It is a "direct kick foul" if a player (other than the goalkeeper inside his own penalty area) deliberately handles the ball

    Once a goalkeeper picks up the ball, they have six seconds to punt it or release it.

    A player shown a "Red Card" & sent off may not be replaced during that game


    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  4. (1) Name three soccer rules:
    Field of Play
    Free Kicks
    Duration of the Game

    (2) Name three soccer positions:
    Midfielder, Forward, Stopper

  5. Great seeing the entries. I'm glad people are enjoying The Pitch. It was a labour of love. For every book sold, I am donating $1.00 to the local Hemophilia Society as a thank you to the coach who provided me with some of the inspiration. His son is a hemophiliac and played on the same team as my son for two years.

  6. The Pitch sounds like an interesting read. Kudos to you for tying your themes together in an interesting story and getting it published! (I hope to do so myself one day.) Congrats!

  7. Three soccer rules:

    Match begins with a handshake.

    Field size regulations: minimum length is 100 yards and maximum 130 yards. The width can be maximum 100 yards or minimum 50 yards.

    In a regular soccer game, the time is 45 minutes per half plus overtime.


    Three soccer positions: Sweeper, Finisher, Wingers.

  8. Fun to see these entries. You all know a lot more about soccer than I do, but I still love going to Real Salt Lake games.

  9. handshakes after the game whether you win or lose
    ll soccer players on each team with several substitutes sitting on the bench
    only the gaolkeeper can touch the ball with his hands

    centre back

    my niece played soccer at one time.

  10. robynl


  11. Am entering #2 contest; please enter me for this book. I follow your blog. Thanks!!!

  12. Hi, thanks for the chance to win! Would love to win contest #1, prize 1 of course...hoping! :) purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

    3 Soccer rules:

    1- The Field of Play - The field of play is the surface on which the game of soccer is played on. This law regulates everything regarding line markings, soccer pitch dimensions and how to use them properly.
    2- The Ball- must have a circumference between 68 and 70 centimeters and a weight between 410 and 450 grams but they also state that the ball can be made out of "leather or any similar material.
    3- The Number of Players - According to the official soccer rules, a team can bring in 10 outfield players and one goalkeeper on the pitch and can have several substitutes on the bench. The numbers of benched subs as well as the actual number of substitutions that are allowed in a single match vary with the type of the game played.

    3 Soccer positions:

  13. Thanks for the entries. Contest #1 is closed. I'll let you know when Linda shares the winners.
    Please continue to enter Contest #2 until May 22nd. Linda said she'd give me several copies of the book to give away so you have a fabulous chance of winning. Thanks!


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