Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review and Giveaway - The Silence of God

At the turn of the century, St. Petersburg offers the best of Imperial Russia. The vast country is filled with grand cathedrals and a faithful populace who love and revere Tsar Nicholas II and the Romanov family. But as Russia becomes further entrenched in the Great War, a revolution begins brewing within her own borders. For the wealthy Lindlof family, the only Latter-day Saints living in St. Petersburg at the time, life will never be the same--changed forever by an ideology that forces equality and demands the silence of God. Based on a true story, The Silence of God is a rare glimpse into a fascinating period of history and a powerful, extraordinary novel of devotion and loyalty.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story and glimpse into Russian history. Though the Lindlof's experienced extreme heartbreak and trial, I loved that they didn't give up on the Lord. The heroines of the story, Agnes Lindlof and Natasha Gavrilova were as intelligent as they were strong. Natasha is a firm supporter of the Bolshevik cause and has no belief in God. Her story of trial and learning to believe enthralled me.
The Silence of God is a beautiful example of the way historical fiction should be. I learned about the time period, the people, and their struggles, but did it all while enjoying a wonderful and interesting story. I would definitely recommend this book.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Summer Reading Fun

Michael Young, author of the Canticle Kingdom (win your free copy of Canticle Kingdom here), is doing a fun summer reading program for middle grade to young adult readers. Here's the information:

With summer upon us, many are planning how to spend their summer vacation. All too often, young people opt for making the couch and TV their best friends during their free time.

Instead they could be expanding their minds and developing their talents, talents that can help them live a much more fulfilling life.

“Canticle Quests” is a summer program that helps young people develop themselves and share their work with others. Participants read novels from authors who have contributed to the project and then create works of art, writing, music, and more in order to earn points.

The points gain them entries into a final drawing with prizes provided by local authors and businesses. The best submitted works will also be showcased on the website for all to enjoy.

To put it in simplest terms:

WHO: All people going into 5th - 12th grade

WHAT: A summer reading/activity program with a chance to be recognized and win prizes.

WHERE: Open to everyone in the U.S. and Canada.

WHEN: June 7th - September 15th 2010 (You may sign up before the official start)

WHY: Because Summer is too precious to waste

There are no costs associated with the program at any time.

Sign up today and get started!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Review and Giveaway - The Canticle Kingdom

The Canticle Kingdom It seemed like ages since Kate's father went off to war, and she is eager to thank him for the beautiful German music box he sent for her birthday. But when it starts playing a strange, new melody and Kate vanishes into thin air, Captain Edison is willing to do anything to rescue his little girl. When the Canticle Kingdom is attacked and the queen falls deathly ill, Johann, a young blacksmith's apprentice, learns a terrible secret - the kingdom is contained entirely within a music box in another world.. With the help pf his friends, Johann races to bring aid from that other world in an effort to stop the dark power that threatens to destroy them all. Enter a beautiful world full of magic, danger, loyalty, and bravery in The Canticle Kingdom, and discover that even the most ordinary objects and people might be hiding something truly wonderful inside.
My Review: I read this book aloud to my 11yo. My son's only complaint about the book was that I didn't have enough time to read so he read ahead then I had to play catch up. We really enjoyed this story. I was amazed by the imagination of the author. The plot wove and twisted with different stories that all tied up neatly at the end. The author did a fabulous job of keeping me guessing without confusing me (I blame my slowness on the Mommy brain).
I would definitely recommend this book to middle-grade through adult readers. I can't wait to read the sequel.
You can visit Michael's website here and learn more about him and his writing.
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