Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Searching for that perfect book

I'm halfway through Shannon Hale's The Actor and the Housewife. It's a cute book, but I don't adore it like I did The Goose Girl, Princess Academy, and Austenland. When you're nine months pregnant it's just too easy to be distracted by a soft pillow or the need to Google baby bedding. My real issue is I'm trying to deliver without an epidural so I need a book that captivates me. Any suggestions for that perfect blend of suspense, clean romance, and intriguing characters to get me through this last week of pregnancy and labor or if you've read The Actor and the Housewife does it speed up at the end?
Saturday, July 17, 2010

Review and Giveaway - City of Angels

Meet Rhea Jensen: a 24-year-old private investigator for hire in the Los Angeles area. Each of us has our gifts, and hers is sniffing out and taknig down the bad guys. When the presient of an athletic supply company hires her to find out who is embezzling from his company, rhea thinks she's in for a humdrm case. Not so. And by the end of it all, her life is going to take some serious turns. Will she find the embezzler? Will she finally confess her love to the boy next door? Will she surcvive at all? This is a great summer read. It's light, fast-paced, and humorous. I loved ther heroine's voice. I loved that she was moral in a very immoral world. I loved that she was tough. Did I mention I loved the heroine? I would definitely recommend this book. I can't wait for the sequel. Read the first chapter on Sheralyn's Website Sheralyn has offered to donate a copy of this book to one of my followers. Please leave a comment on this post to be entered into the drawing. If you link to the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or your personal blog I will give you two additional entries. If you are a new follower I will also give you an additional entry. Contest ends August 2, 2010 Open to U.S. residents In conjunction with this giveaway Sheralyn is doing an amazing fundraiser for charity: To celebrate Stalk Lake's release (the sequel to City of Angels) on August 7th, Sheralyn will be combining with local retailers to create a scavenger hunt where teams representing Non-Profit Organizations will race to find clues and win $1,000 for their Non-Profit. This competition is available to all, learn about it here.
Thursday, July 15, 2010

Review- Leaning into the Curves

Molly is happy with her life the way it is, taking the classes she loves and performing with the FJiddling Finleys. But everything changes when her husband, Hank, retires. She's still trying to adjust to this new phase of her life when he brings home a Honda Gold Wing--even though he knows she hates motorcycles! Things go from bad to worse when he joins the Temple Riders Assocation, a "Mormon motorcycle gang" that combines road trips with temple work.
Faed with the prospect of beign left behind when Hank rides with his new friends, Molly starts making some changes of her own.
I loved the title of this book. Every time my husband takes me on a motorcycle ride he reminds me, "Lean into the curves, baby." I naturally lean the wrong way, luckily I haven't made us wreck yet.
Leaning into the Curves made me think about how important it is to give in a marriage and to keep the communication lines open. I loved that the heroine overcame her fears for her husband and they were able to work through a time in life which can challenge a marriage.
The book definitely wasn't action-packed, but it was interesting and a fun read.
Monday, July 12, 2010
The Road Show is the story of five contemporary Latter-Day Saints, eac of whom is struggling with a spiritual or emotional challenge; pornography addiction, post-partum depression, ill health, loneliness, feeling excluded, and spiritual numbness. For various reasons, they all end up participating in their ward's road show. Most of them do this agains ttheir will, but the conflicts that arise from their reluctant participation prople them to ultimate healing. My review: I enjoyed this book. It's very different from anything I've read before. At first I found myself being a bit judgmental about the characters' trials, but as I became immersed in the story I found my compassion for them and my hope that they would be healed overpowering my frustrations with them. I love how the story came together at the end. Braden Bell has written a very touching story. Buy The Road Show Braden Bell's Website

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