Saturday, April 30, 2011

Portrait of a Mother by Michael Young

This book is the perfect Mother's Day gift. I cried. It was a very good cry. The kind born from gratitude for my mom and gratitude for the blessing of being a mother to four crazy, adorable boys. I have to share one line from the booklet: "The life you will have depends largely on who your mother is." That has been so true for me. My mom has loved me and been my greatest example. A young lady who worked for my mother said, "When I'm around you I think I know how Jesus would act." I can't imagine a more true comment. I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day. Buy Portrait of a Mother Michael Young's Website
Friday, April 29, 2011

Aren't people wonderful?

A beautiful lady who has followed my blogs showed up on my doorstep a couple of days ago for "Happy Cami Day." She gave me a small gift and told me how much I'd blessed her life. Amazing. I vowed all over again to get out and do more for others. I am impressed constantly by all the wonderful people in this world who touch my life and give and give and give. Thank you!
Saturday, April 23, 2011

Save Magic City by Rocsanne Shield

I appreciate Rocsanne Shield being my guest today and sharing a little information about "Save Magic City."
The Story Behind "Save Magic City"
While I was working for a big corporation, ten-hour-days seemed the only way of keeping up with the work load. However, after retiring, I got lots of time to look around me and take stock of the changes that had taken place while I worked. The world is dominated by corporations who conduct their business in a globalized way. They change work forces the way we, plain humans, change clothes. As soon as a new poorer country offers better conditions, the factories and offices move and the old work force is "let go". That means that men and women are left without the means to continue life as they knew it. The process of finding new jobs entails such stress that families split and children suffer. I believe firmly that people should help each other when misfortune strikes; the need to put something on paper became an obsession. How to help people in a small community, where the major work supplier left and has taken their living means away? Leo, eight, needs a father figure, to love and grow to resemble. Edmund fills the role to perfection. Leo is the glue; he unites all the characters around their common goal -- to save their town from death. Squirrel, a vivacious girl of eight, is one of Leo's best friends, and she is always there to help with communications among teams. She is a powerful telepath, and finally, through Edmund's cooperation, she finds the courage to tell everybody about her talent. She stops thinking of herself as a freak and proves her usefulness in the collective effort. At the end, she is the one who finds a way to communicate their dire straights to Edmund. Without her effort, the town's children would have been left to perish by their abductor. Raccoon, the oldest of the trio of friends, is calm and ponderous and lives most of the time he is not with his friends in front of a computer. He helps the grownups with their problems with the Internet and sets up the website for their town. He also is the one to find, through the Internet, a lawyer to volunteer his services for the problems that are sure to crop up in their strife for a new, independent life. The town becomes a unit and they might as well adopt the Musketeers' logo -- one for all and all for one. The children surely live by that. To read their story, go to my website, You will find an excerpt of "Save Magic City"; if you are intrigued to hear more, you can purchase my book there as well. Save Magic City is also available for purchase at and Barnes and Noble "Save Magic City" is an excellent book for adults who want to teach their children the importance of caring for each other and the environment they live in. My book makes great reading and you will, I hope, tell others about it too.
Thanks, Rocsanne, for including me in your blog tour. I love stories that not only entertain but teach. I can't wait to read "Save Magic City" and share it with my boys.
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Death of Borders

I stopped at Borders one last time Saturday afternoon. I wanted to cry. Losing our Logan Borders is a tragedy for everyone who loves books. In our little valley Borders was the largest bookstore and the most friendly to authors and readers. They worked hard to promote local authors and I never met a staff member who wasn't willing to help with a smile. My niece, Mykelle, promised me she'd opened a bookstore like Borders when she grew up. Oh, I love that girl. Have you ever had a store that you love have to close its doors?
Friday, April 15, 2011

Writing a negative review

Stephanie Black shared some insights on how to write a negative review on the blog Six LDS Writers and a Frog. She talked about Nathan Bransford's "sandwich rule" where you sandwich a negative comment in between two positive comments. She also suggested that you be specific and polite in your criticism. As an author it does hurt when you get a negative review so I always try to think of that as I review books, but it doesn't help anyone if the reviewer isn't honest about their opinion of the book. How do you balance criticism or honesty with kindness?
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Double Minds by Terri Blackstock

The young girl with the Bohemian style was on the floor where she'd fallen, between Parker's computer case and her file cabinet. She wore a long, flowing skirt---lavender, the color of calm---and camel-colored Uggs. She lay on her back, her long, wavy blonde hair matted with blood. For struggling singer/songwriter Parker James, the music business has just turned deadly. Her desk in the reception area of a busy recording studio has become a crime scene, and Parker finds herself drawn into a mystery where nothing is as it seems. Unraveling the truth puts her own life at risk when she uncovers high-level industry corruption and is terrorized by a menacing stalker. As the danger escalates, Parker begins to question her dreams, her future, and even her faith. Double Minds is a double treat---combining a compelling suspense novel with an inside look at the world of the Christian music industry in Nashville. Terri Blackstock grabs readers at page one and keeps them riveted until the final plot twist is untangled. I really enjoyed this novel but I have to admit it took me almost a hundred pages to get into it. That may have had something to do with being in a car with my four boys for twelve hours and trying to read while repeating, "Stop licking your brother." I'm glad that I was able to focus and read this book. It's an amazing story. I liked the insight into the music industry and the heroine's family. What I liked: A great Christian suspense novel with a very interesting plot line. What I didn't like: The heroine was almost too nice. I loved that she was such a great example of Christian charity, but I cheered when she finally stood up for herself. Audience: Appropriate for anyone. Terri Blackstock's Website Buy Double Minds
Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Depth of Deceit - Book Review

Blonde and beautiful, fledging attorney Stephanie Saunders vows to protect the innocent even though as indigent defense attorney her clients rarely are. Does that include Josh Durrant who seems to be following her? Stephanie is dismayed when her peers begin calling her “Prom Queen” as her boyfriend, Todd Saxton, often does. Desperately trying to prove her worth, she falls prey to those who steal her innocence. Although she plans to forgive Todd for his ultimate betrayal, she is never given the chance. Her boss, Attorney Charles Connelly, offers solace, but is Stephanie’s welfare, or his own, top priority? The only thing that keeps Stephanie sane in her insane world are the horses she loves but does not own, especially the abused mare, Riskie Business, whose example helps Stephanie make the most difficult decision of her life. Relying on wit and courage, Stephanie must save herself and another during the final showdown where she proves a loyalty of which she never knew herself capable. This book kept me guessing. I love guessing. When I wasn't reading I would ponder: who was really the "bad guy" and how much danger was Stephanie in? It was such a fun read because of all the unknowns. I was also impressed by the way the author handled some heartbreaking turns in the story. As I reader I was sad about what happened but it didn't make me depressed, instead I wanted to keep reading to see how Stephanie was going to plow through. What I liked: Good, clean romance with a unique plot. What I didn't like: The resolution dragged on a bit, but I think I felt this way because my perception was off. When I saw that the suspense had been resolved I assumed something else was coming, especially because there was one more bad guy unaccounted for. Instead, I got a lot of happy times with the heroine and hero. Not a bad thing at all, just not what I was expecting. Audience: Young adults on up would enjoy this book, especially if they like horses. Buy Depth of Deceit Betty Briggs' Website 2010 Winner of the Silver Quill for second place in the Fiction category for the League of Utah Writers Publication Awards.

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