Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to school blues

I struggle with my boys leaving me for school. I love having no schedule, laughing at all their crazy games, and knowing the baby will be spoiled and protected when I take a shower or change a load of laundry. At the same time I have to admit I'm excited to have a semi-clean house, save on the grocery bill (you would not believe how much four boys can consume, $1.55 for school lunch is sounding mighty good) and maybe fit in some writing time. I wanted to do an informal poll. Do you want your children back in school or are you in mourning (or somewhere in the middle like me)? There are no wrong answers. It doesn't make you a bad parent if you're sick of cleaning up gooey popsicle sticks. Please leave a comment and share how you deal with back to school.


  1. Can I vote for going back to school like ten times? lol Love my kids but it has been the summer from you know where. Too many ways to get into serious trouble without the structure they need.

  2. I'm sorry! My boys are quite fond of blow torches. I get tired of asking, "who started the garbage can on fire?"

  3. LOL! Yes, we've had several fire issues this year. I thought they'd gotten past that after setting the house on fire. Guess I was wrong.

  4. I'm definitely on the mourning side, or at least I would be if my kids were old enough to go to school. I feel like my time with them flies by as it is & want to just have all the time I can with them. I hope to homeschool them, if it works out for us all. I was touched when my oldest said he didn't want to go back to his co-op preschool (only one day a week) because I was his best friend and he wanted to stay home with me. :) I

  5. Me and my girls are excited for school. We've had a fun summer, but it's time to get back to the routine. Of course, I'll still have 2 at home, but I'm crossing fingers for afternoon nap time to hopefully equal writing time.

  6. Karen! They really set the house on fire? I'm dreading that day. I didn't know that all boys didn't own their own lighters and blow torches until my neighbor informed me.
    Heidi - you sweet Mom. I love it! You're right that we all need to enjoy it now. This growing up stuff is awful.
    Rachelle - I'm with you on praying for the afternoon nap. I love every second with my boys but I am definitely a better Momma when I get something accomplished.

  7. I'm in the middle too, but I'm so tired of the bickering going on that I'll be glad they can be away from each other for a while. Not sure how Lil is going to like it though.

  8. I'm with you, Amber. My older boys love to tease the little guy, but Stockton is going to be bored without them!

  9. I am in mourning. School brings headaches, fees for books, lunch is more expensive, waking up at 6:00am, homework arguments need I say more. YvonneW

  10. Too true, Yvonne. I hate getting my oldest off at 6:40.
    Sadly we actually save money on lunch. My boys eat insane amounts when they're home!

  11. Cami,
    I am somewhere in the middle. My kids start school after labor day and I like setting the schedule, not having the school set our schedule. And, arg -- the homework. My youngest is going to get VERY lonely. However, it is fun to see the kids excited about learning and making friends, etc.
    Colette Moss


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