Wednesday, January 11, 2012


A good friend of mine is trying to talk me into self-publishing one of my novels. I'm dragging my feet because the whole process seems time-consuming and honestly I feel like I've accomplished some daunting task when I fold my laundry. Extra time is not easy to come by with four cute boys.

Yet I keep hearing amazing success stories with self-publishing and it does sound nice to make more than seventy cents per book sold. I just heard about another author, Regina Sirois, who self-published On Little Wings and is doing so well she's featured on Amazon's home page.

What are your thoughts? Those of you who have self-published, is it as hard as I'm fearing? Are there still negative stereotypes regarding self-published books or is that a thing of the past? Would the work and money spent be worth having control over your own book?

I hate decisions and would love some input here. Thanks!


  1. I think it is a good idea to try. I'd like to get my hand in that as well. I think the thing is just make sure that you take the time to do it right with the cover art, editing, etc.

  2. Cami, I have a sweet dear friend by the name of Jane Freund who lives in Boise. She is not only an Author, but Publisher of Freundship Press. She's on FaceBook, and her address is or She would be an awesome contact and pool of information for you.

  3. I think it has some potential, it's just the the e-publishing field is so new and untried right now. You're right, though. 70 cents a book is a pittance. If you decide to go for it, read up on marketing. Everything I've read says that's going to be as much work as writing the thing.

  4. Hi Cami!
    Lesli here.
    I wasn't going to self-pub until I found out there are people who will format your ms FOR you, for a reasonable price, so you don't have to learn all the little details.

    So I pay this guy, Bob Houston, to format it. I have my friend help me design the cover (because that's the fun part), and I upload them. That part takes about a half hour per site (Smashwords, Amazon, and B&N.)if everything goes smoothly.
    Diane Stoddard walked me through the first time. Now I can do it on my own just fine.
    At the beginning of December I put up a time travel romance. I get just over $2 for each 2.99 sale. For the second one, a novella, I get .35 for each, since I sell them for .99.
    They're both selling great. There is a market for everything, even clean Highlander romances!
    It was scary getting started, but now I can't wait to get my next full novel up.
    As for marketing, I detailed everything I've done thus far on a blog called . Start with the oldest post.
    Listen. If I can do this, anyone can.
    And the stigma is going away. Other writers are the last hold-outs. Agents are helping their clients do this. Editors are finding their new authors from the self-proven authors on Amazon's lists. It's the new slush pile.
    Getting past my own bias was a little tough and took me a while. I should have done this last year when this all started.
    There are my two cents.

  5. Hi, Cami! COME JOIN THE CLUB!! lol Yes, I'm self-published as well. I love the freedom it gives authors - no jumping through loops to please your editor. I get the book cover I want. I get to choose the price I want. I watch my sales and not wonder if my publisher is cheating me (because I've had some that did!) And...if I want my story in print, I can do that too. Sometimes it takes a few months to start seeing some real sales, but I've not been disappointed.

  6. I think if you self publish you have to decide what success is to you. Is it numbers? Is it money to make up for buckets of tears, days of insecurity and years spent? Can money even do that? Is it accolades or fame? If your definition of success is a quality book that touches the people who find it (be they many or few) I don't think it really matters how you publish.

  7. Thank you all for the advice. I love how positive you all are!
    Lesli, I will definitely read your blog. I'm so happy clean highlander romances are selling well, I will go buy one!
    I'll let you know what I decide.
    Thanks, again,

  8. Cami,
    Katie's dad owns Watkins Printing and they have started a new service for publishing people's books. You can ask for Dennis at Watkin's Printing to find out more. Good luck.


  9. Ditto, I'm working on a 500 page novel(on 305) and I'd like to hear all the steps about self publishing. That seems like the best option and I'd like to get into it, but I don't know how. Help?

  10. Thank you, Jeremy. I will have to call him. I'm still trying to debate if it's even worth doing.
    Ilsa - I'm with you. I'm just doing research right now and praying to know the right path. J.A. Konrath has a pretty impressive blog that has helped a lot.
    Good luck!

  11. Cami, a fellow LDS author has posted a series called "Indie Publishing Secrets Revealed" to detail how she self-published her book, using CreateSpace and the ebook vendors. It's at Watched-thebook.

    I'm glad you're reading Konrath's blog. He tells it like it is. Dean Wesley Smith and The Passive Guy at The Passive Voice are two other great self-publishing resources of different kinds.

    I believe in volume and the long tail. Get a lot of work out there, and don't be impatient for results. I self-published in POD several years ago, but I'm also a confirmed ebook proponent. I went with for my first two novels a couple of years ago, and finally put up the third novel last summer, and at the same time put the three novels and several stories on Amazon. Then I went into the hospital suddenly, and when I came out, to my surprise, I had sales, without my doing any marketing.

    Believe in yourself. Get the best cover art you can afford, and hire an editor if you think you need help there. Then, go for it! Use the Smashwords Style Guide as a template for formatting, and then, with a few tweaks and word changes, you can put the same files into the Kindle program. Use the free software Amazon offers. I have no experience with PubIt, as I let Smashwords do the distributing to B&N and everyone else but Amazon. However, PubIt is reputed to be an easy upload.

    If you don't want to learn the formatting, get "Mark's List" of fellow authors and professionals from Smashwords.

    Above all, have fun!

    1. Thanks, Marsha. I really appreciate all the info. I can see I've got a lot of learning to do! Best of luck with your writing,


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