Saturday, February 25, 2012

Vote on Dead Running Cover

My fourth novel, Dead Running, will be available as an e-book on March 16th and in print May 1st. I am stressing about which cover to use. I know they are very similar, it's like at the eye-doctor when he's saying, "Which is better, #1 or #2?" But I really need help. Please vote on your favorite or give any suggestions for improvement. Also, please let me know if you would pick up the book based on the cover. Thanks!


  1. Hmmm, I immediately liked the bottom. Is something wrong with me?

  2. Congratulations! I prefer the photo editing of the top one (the grayscale of her skin makes me think suspense and danger) and I also prefer the text of the top one (it's more subtle and sinister-- the bottom one felt like 'Dead' was in my face and yelling at me). I would definitely buy it based off the top cover.

    Either way, though, awesome cover!

    Good luck!

  3. the bottom one scares me but then maybe that's what you want.
    I'd pick the top....
    Brian picked the bottom because it's easier to see "Dead" in the top one it blends into the trees

  4. Ok, I am going to be difficult. I like the top one with the black and white but I like the larger font on the bottom one, so a combo. Or the top one as is....

  5. I like the bottom. When you have a black and white cover up against a color one, the black and white seems to lack more than just some color. IMO

  6. I think I like the top one the most. I'm so excited for the release of another one of your books! I would be more than happy to review/promote it on my blog at Let me know!
    lexie.bookbug at gmail dot com

  7. Congratulations! I liked both of them, but the bottom is probably my favorite. They are great, though! Good luck!!

  8. Thanks for your input, friends! I'm glad more of you are liking the bottom. I prefer the color but my husband has been polling his office and clients and they're split 50/50! So tough to decide. thanks again for stopping by!

  9. I like the unique font of "dead" on the top but I prefer the color of the bottom.
    Congrats, Cami!

  10. There are things I like about both covers, but the second one is my favorite.

  11. I like the bottom one better. The smaller font on the first one seems to lessen the impact.

  12. Yeah, more for the bottom! I'm leaning that way.
    Thanks for stopping by!

  13. Cami,
    My first thought was the TOP photo! I'm not sure but it looks to me like you are "targeting"( no pun intended) the Female Readers, not exclusively but the majority, am I right?
    In the last 10 years since "our adventure" I have read hundreds of books! I'm so glad it was my hearing that took flight & not my sight!
    Covers are just as important as you think, if a book looks like a "Romance" Novel (no offense to those who love them) I put it down. I want a STORY, real people, a free "trip" to a place i have never been, mystery & YES a Romance!
    When I first got home from the Hospital & went to the Library I hunted for MY kind of books. I found a doz. Susen Evens McCloud books but the covers made them appear to be Romantic Novel so I didn't check one out till I was desperate & found some of the best LDS novels written!
    SO, Covers make a HUGE impact on your target audience & from what I read above it 'seems' like the ????? I think the top attracts me because of the lower case type, it looks suspenseful, but not creepy!
    I know I always take the "long way around"!
    B.& R.

  14. I like the top better except the "dead." I don't like the lower case. It looks wrong to my eye. The bottom one is in caps, which I like better, but don't like the font. It looks more like zombies to me than a stalker or shooter or whatever. The first one is more subtle, which seems like a suspense book instead of the second which seems more like a horror story. I think the drained color has more impact in the top. So, my vote is top but try putting the "d" in caps. Good luck!

  15. The bottom one stands out more, so that's my choice. It's difficult to read the word "dead" in the top one.
    Sherry Ann Miller

  16. Thanks for all your input! You are helping more than you can imagine. The book is a clean romantic supsense so I do want it to look creepy but not horror. Great suggestions. Thanks again!

  17. definitely the top.

    I agree with Braden: the top looks more like suspense, while the second looks like a horror story about zombies (especially because the "dead" is in that spooky typeface). The desaturation effect on the first one although often overused, seems fitting.

    But honestly, I wouldn't pick up the book based on it's cover. I am not found of the emboss effect and the low quality image (maybe it's just the small image?), it honestly looks like someone went overboard with effects.

  18. Cami, I'm in the second cover camp. I really like the color and the all caps dead. I feel like the lowercase loses a lot of impact. After having a chance to get to know the girl doing the running, too, I feel like the second one is more representative of her.

  19. I love the graphics of the top one, but I agree with the others that the "dead" isn't right. I do like the all CAPS, but think Braden is right that it isn't a good font style. It's a little too freaky, scary for me. Although, if DEAD wasn't as large as it is, then it might now be so "in your face". Maybe about a 1/4 smaller?

  20. I like the top one better. It's somewhat more menacing than the bottom. The washed out color in the top one makes me feel as though the person targetting the runner doesn't see her as human.

  21. Wow. How am I ever going to decide? I'll see if the cover artist can play with that bottom font some more. Thanks for all your help!

  22. I like the top one, but not the font. The red needs to be a bit brighter and play with the font a bit more.


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