Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My husband gave me an iPad for Christmas. My boys were shocked that I was more excited about my new jeans than the iPad. I told them I knew what to do with the jeans. I'm one of those Moms who hates devices - turn off the tv, put away that iPod, get outside and play! Please tell me you all hear yourself saying these sort of things.

Because of my dislike of the technology-junkies my children want to be and my absolute adoration of print books I was surprised when I fell in love with my iPad. I took it on vacation with five books loaded. I discovered I could read in the truck while we drove at night. I could read in a crowded condo while boys slept and my husband watched tv without turning on a lamp. I didn't get tired of holding a book or finding a marker. I read almost all of those books and enjoyed it.

I still love to smell, feel, and read print books but I may be on a slippery slope to the erevolution. How about you? Are you an ereader or print reader? Why?


  1. I'm much like you... In that I love the feeling of holding a good book and love to actually turn the pages as I read. I view the finished book as a trophy of some kind to sets on my book shelves. Also like you I received an iPad for Christmas and am slowly coming around to the convenience of it. I especially love it on Sundays... Much easier to tote around than scriptures and all thos manuels.

    1. So true about Sundays, except when my 18mo gets ahold of it! Thanks for stopping by,


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