Friday, September 14, 2012

Admitting the Truth

Writer's Group was amazing last night, I learned a lot and found renewed enthusiasm to improve my novel. But I finally admitted to my dear friend, Amber Argyle, that I am an imposter. I pretend to know what other writers are talking about when they throw around terms like beta reader, purple prose, WIP, antagonist, onomatopoeia, and anaphora. Okay, so I do now what most of those mean but come on, anaphora? (Several consecutive sentences all starting with the same words.)

Maybe I didn't listen very well in English class. Sometimes I feel like the squib of my writing group (the only one who can't perform magic). They're all talented and hard-working. I really appreciate them letting me be a part of the group but there's a little voice in my head that says, "Soon they're going to figure out you are an imposter, kick you out of the Facebook loop, and uninvite you to meetings." The upside is I learn a tremendous amount from these patient writers and maybe someday when I'm at a writer's conference and somebody starts taking about assonance I won't think they're cussing my backside.


  1. LOL!! One thing you have to remember though, is that at one time, they knew less than you do now! Before long another newbie will come along and they'll feel like you do, and think you're the smartest person they know!

  2. Cami, you are hilarious! And woohoo for J.K. writing something new! Would you be interested in doing an author interview on my blog? Let me know. :)

  3. Squib! That's great. I am with you. It took me a while before I figured out what a beta-reader was, even though I've had beta-readers for a couple years. I never called them that. I called them by their names and was grateful that they were willing to read over my early drafts to give me advice on how to refine. Anaphora's a new one for me too. I check to make sure sentences don't start the same, but didn't know it had a fancy name. Now I feel smart after reading your post (until the next word a writer throws out at me).

    1. I'm such an airhead with terms and remembering things, I just smile and nod!
      Thanks for stopping by.


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