Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Real vs. Imaginary Friends

My husband reminds me constantly to live in the real world and stop hanging out with Peter Pan and the Tooth Fairy. He says it with lots of love in his voice, but sadly he's right. I've lost fingers and wrecked a Camry, Ford truck, and my van (twice) daydreaming about my characters.
He also reminds me that real friends are better than imaginary. I know this is true, but oftentimes I choose imaginary friends (writing and hanging out with the characters in my books) instead of going to lunch, shopping, or other fun events with the wonderful (and real) friends who care about me and aren't going to disappear when I send their story off to be published.
So no matter if the characters in my head are begging me to write down that fabulous scene they just showed me, tonight I'm going to enjoy my cute boys (and maybe actually make a real dinner), go to a jewelry party with my friends, and go to Cub Scout Pack Meeting-wait, I said I was going to do fun things with real people, I'll send my husband to Pack Meeting.
Hope you all have a real and wonderful day,


  1. Lost fingers? Wonder how that happened? And all those wrecks? I'm with your husband on this one my friend! At least stop daydreaming while doing dangerous things.You need to keep yourself safe so that you can raise those boys and keep writing those awesome books of yours.

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