Thursday, November 14, 2013

My twin sister

My sister, Abbie, and I look like twins. It's really funny because our older brothers are twins, but nobody would guess it. Here's her picture. Yeah, kind of like staring in the mirror for me.

She's a major sweetie, but also a huge smart aleck (we share the smart aleck gene). When people ask me if we're twins I grin and say, "No, and I'm five years older! Haha." When people ask her if we're twins, she holds up her hands and says, "The only way you can tell the difference is I have all ten of my fingers." (I'm sure a lot of you know I cut three of mine off in a lawnmower, boring story, even thought there was a lot of blood.) Abbie thinks it is hilarious when she says that because people get all shocked and shaken. "I can't believe you would say that!" They don't realize I think it's hilarious and I couldn't care less that I'm missing fingers (it's a great way to scare kiddos at the grade school). My amputated fingers only upset me when I'm playing the piano and keep missing notes. Actually, that's most upsetting to my mom-fifteen years of piano lessons down the drain.
Abbie and I have a great time teasing each other and always go along with it when people mistake us for the other.
The best story lately is a friend of mine was appalled when she saw Abbie at the grocery store buying all kinds of processed food and treats (for some reason she assumes I'm a health nut). I told Abbie how relieved my friend was when she found it my sister was the junker (we workout at the same gym and I guess I have a reputation to uphold :) ) Abbie unknowingly repeated the story to the same friend the first time she met her saying, "Yeah, some crazy lady thought I was Cami at the grocery store and got all upset that I was buying corn dogs and licorice." When we later connected that she'd told the story to the same friend, she just couldn't stop laughing. I need to reign her in or I'm going to lose friends!
Most of all I'm extremely grateful for my hilarious, younger, twin. Life wouldn't be fun without a sister!


  1. That is so funny! Thanks for sharing! I love my little sister and most of my Highschool teachers called me by her name. We don't look anything alike so we still think back on that and just shake our heads. What were they thinking?

    1. How funny! I'm so glad you love your sister, too, I get sad when I hear about sisters who aren't best buddies! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Hmmm, paybacks can b awful sweet sista even for u!

  3. Funny!
    I have a twin brother who is 6'2 and I'm only 5'0, so nobody has ever believed we are twins, not even in school. We have 3 older sisters and the youngest of them and I do look like twins. So, I know what you're talking about.

    1. That's awesome! How fun to have a big brother watching out for you :)

  4. Wicked fun post! Aren't sisters fun? I'm surprised by the missing fingers, though. Does that make writing difficult?

    1. Thanks, Maria! She is a fun sister.
      It was tough to relearn how to type. They were able to sew tips back on two of the fingers, so though they're deformed, they work. the middle finger is missing above the knuckle so I just use my ring finger to compensate. I don't even notice anymore!


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