Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Clean Romance

Finding clean fiction should be simple as there are many authors who write it, but neither Amazon nor Barnes & Noble have categories for clean fiction. If you are interested in a category that is specifically for clean fiction please send an email to the following links. I've written a sample email below that you are welcome to use.

Barnes & Noble Contact  - I couldn't find a true contact us button, but they do have a chat option that works pretty well.
Amazon Contact

I'm looking for more clean fiction -- stories that don't include sex as well as clean language and minimal violence. Listings for clean books in romance, suspense, historical, fantasy, and comedy would be wonderful. Thank you very much. ​


  1. Thanks for heading this up, Cami. I'll be doing this!

  2. Yes! I've been pursuing that as well. Thanks, Cami.

    1. You're so awesome, Tamara! Hopefully with all of us working together it'll happen.

  3. Email sent. What a wonderful idea, thank you!
    Yolanda G

  4. I sent in my email! I'd love a clean fiction section as well, something that's not necessarily Christian-themed or based.

    1. Thank you, Sariah!
      My characters are always Christian, but I don't have overtly Christian themes in my books so they don't really work in the Christian market, but they definitely don't fit in the mainstream romantic suspense. Thanks for the help!

  5. I sent one to Amazon! I couldn't figure out how to email B&N lol.

    1. I know, Christy, sorry. I should've tested that better. All you can do with B&N is a chat, they're pretty good to respond. Thanks!

  6. Amazon has been sending emails back trying to explain how to look for certain categories. If you can, email them back again and explain that the category for clean simply isn't there and that it's different than Christian or religious. Thanks!

  7. As an author and a reader this would be great. I will definitely be emailing them. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. This is the response I received from them this morning:
      Thanks for your comments about making clean romance categories available. We'll consider your feedback as we plan further improvements.

      Publisher feedback serves an important role in helping us to improve our platform and provide better service.

  8. Amazon emailed me back and said they would add it to their suggestion list. Is there anything else I can do???

  9. Thank you for spear heading this! I really appreciate it. I try to follow blogs that recommend clean books, but they don't always have what I feel like reading, so then I take a chance. Even though I know my family can't know what I'm reading, I skim over things and I know my face is beet red.

  10. A clean fiction category is desperately needed over at Amazon. While my book The Perfect Cast over on Amazon has some Christian themes, it should be in a clean fiction section.

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