Monday, March 23, 2015

Happy Monday

Monday Morning Blech!

Brighten your week with this easy, all-natural trick

from Lucy McConnell, and a box set full of sweet romances.

Of Love and Magic--on sale today for only $.99!
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Have you ever had one of those days where your skin looks less than bright? You can spend hundreds of dollars on creams, lotions, and gels that promise to brighten your skin; or, you can spend a dollar on a container of Greek yogurt and have brighter, beautiful skin in a matter of minutes.
You'll want to buy Greek yogurt that does not have sugars or flavoring added. Keep it in the fridge. Then, when your skin needs a pick-me-up, simply spread a tablespoon of yogurt across your freshly-washed face and let it sit for 10 minutes. Use it like you would a mud mask and go ahead and put it on thick.
Then, wash it off with warm water, blot dry, and apply your regular moisturizer. Right away, you'll notice the difference. What happens, is the lactic acid in the yogurt strips away dead skin cells and brightens the layer underneath. It's a great way to gain that added boost for your day or date.
Excerpt from The What If Wish the final book in the Of Love and Magic Anthology.

Our eyes met and I caught a glimpse of something I hadn’t seen there before, awareness? Like he’d suddenly noticed–me. Not the best friend me, or the funny girl me, but the me that loved him. His breath brushed my face before we jumped apart. I wasn’t ready for him to grasp the depth of my feelings for him and apparently, they made him nervous.
“You cut your hair.” He reached out and fingered the short ends.
“It was…an impulse.” I gave him a sheepish look.
“It suits you.” He grinned. “What are you doing tomorrow?”
My wings fluttered. “I’m going to try to be a godmother.”
“Really?” His face lit up and a second later he lowered his eyebrows. “Are you a godmother?”
This was the one and only thing I’d ever dreaded about his return. This conversation. The words were so big they stuck in my throat. I shrugged and looked away.
“If you are, you are. And if you aren’t, you aren’t,” he said easily.
“It doesn’t matter.” I sniffed. Mortified that I would burst into tears in front of Adam when he had been so excited to see me that he came directly to my window instead of going home, I pulled my bottle of lavender oil off the shelf and struggled with the stopper.
Adam crossed the space between us and lifted the bottle out of my hands. He popped the top off, making it look easy. “It does matter,” he said as the fragrance filled the room. “But it won’t change who you are.”
My eyes widened. “Yeah, right. Look at you! You’re like a giant now.” I gestured to his whole body.
Adam’s wing tips turned a rosy color. Embarrassed that I’d embarrassed him, mine soon followed suit. We chuckled together.
“What I meant, was that it doesn’t change who you are on the inside. You’ll still be you if you’re a godmother, a tree fairy, or the Fairy Queen.”
I sprinkled some oil in my palm and massaged it into my hands, needing the calming effect. I was nervous enough that my thought just popped out. “Are you still the same?”
He placed his hand on my shoulder. It was light and comforting and sent waves of giddiness though my body. “I thought I was…until I came here.”
“What changed?” I asked, my voice barely loud enough to reach him.
“Stuff,” he said, his voice raspy.
“What kind of stuff?” I leaned closer, pulled by the overwhelming need to be near him.
“Deep stuff.”  Adam pulled me in for another one of his crushing hugs. “I should go.”
“But, you just got here and you haven’t told me about your trip and I want to hear about the ocean.”
He threaded his fingers through my hair. “Morana, I’ll come back.”
The way he held me close wasn’t any different than before he left. We often leaned on one another. He’d put his arm around my shoulder hundreds of times. But the way he looked at me tonight made me think that all the feelings I’d held inside weren’t mistakes. In a way, it made me feel like less of a mistake overall. Perhaps I did hold a purpose. Perhaps I wasn’t the fluke I feared.
Adam pressed his lips to my temple before he half-climbed, half-wiggled out my window. Once outside he stopped to wave goodbye before climbing down the wall and disappeared into the garden.
I let the curtains drop back into place and squealed softly.
Adam was home.


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