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$.99. Today Only! The Peaceful Warrior by Daniel Banner

The Peaceful Warrior 

Only $.99 on Amazon.
Cannon Culver is known for his big heart, but
there’s no denying it's the heart of a warrior.

Daisy Close fantasizes about a perfect boyfriend
who puts her first and loves to talk until all hours
of the night. While on a train along the Pacific Coast,
she meets the perfect fantasy boyfriend. Not only is he sophisticated, handsome, and strong, he’s also a
bodyguard for a delightful little girl who instantly
loves Daisy and invites her to dinner with her and Mr. Fantasy.

Ex-Navy SEAL Cannon Culver, has one mission—the safety of a little girl. When Daisy Close is pulled into the situation, his gut instinct is to trust no one, but even he finds himself unable to resist this ‘Snow White’ type woman who everyone seems to flock to. After an all-nighter talking, a date with more danger than they bargained for, and then leaving her when he gets summoned to a mission … Cannon realizes there is no room for a woman in his life.

Too bad he can’t get her out of his mind and too bad she doesn’t let go that easily. When dangerous forces threaten everyone’s safety, Cannon has to make a choice—give up the woman he loves for his sense of duty or let go and trust in a higher power.

Excerpt of The Peaceful Warrior 

Chapter 1
Just boarded. Departing soon. She you tomorrow! Daisy Close added an emoji of a train and an excited smiley then pressed send on the text to Maia. Tucking her phone away, she glanced out the window at the busy platform, and then pulled out her well-worn copy of Jane Eyre. An actual paperback book. For a minute she just flipped the pages, savoring the feel of them along her thumb. For a woman who worked with books—editing novels for a living—it was a rare occasion to pick up a paperback and read for pleasure. She was going to have to get some work done during the 36-hour train trip to Seattle to visit her old college roommate. But for a few moments at least, she planned to indulge in one of her all-time favorites.
The coach car of the train was much roomier than coach on an airplane, with only two seats on each side of the aisle and the ability to recline almost completely flat. Taking a long train ride had always been on her unofficial bucket list and here she was, about to depart. For now, the seat next to her was empty, but in the next five minutes, or at any of the twenty or so stops along the way, that could change.
Overhead announcements echoed through the car, but Daisy was already getting lost in her book. She was vaguely aware of the other passengers as they filed down the aisle stashing luggage and filling in seats. With a gentle lurch, the train started rolling. If it hadn’t been for the initial movement and the view of the Los Angeles Union Station passing outside, she wouldn’t know they were moving. The train was much smoother than she expected. And the most serendipitous aspect of the whole thing, she had the row to herself. Nearly every seat in the car was filled and she had two seats for her little old self. Even more room to spread out.
“Wanna let me squeeze past,” said a man at her shoulder.
And just like that, Daisy’s luck was shattered. She never should have gotten her hopes up so soon.
Returning her seat to the upright position, Daisy stood and moved into the aisle, facing forward to avoid seeing the guy who would be her neighbor. With any luck he’d be handsome, strong, and have nothing to do for the next 36 hours other than discuss the classics with her.
She turned to see her new boyfriend and saw … something else completely.  The man was 30-ish, maybe five years older than her, but that was where the compatibility ended. He was unshaven—not sporting a little stubble, which she didn’t like anyway, but downright scruffy. It had probably been as long since he shaved as it had since he’d brushed his hair. And probably longer since he washed his shirt, judging by the food stains on it. Even with the wide aisles and spacious accommodations, he was going to have a hard time squeezing between the seats. Daisy wondered if his girth would spill over and fill part of her seat.
He grunted at her as he lifted one of his backpacks on to her seat and, completely blocking the aisle, started sorting the contents. Daisy couldn’t tell what he was saying. She could only assume he was prepping his bags to put one in the overhead storage and keep one at his seat with him.
So much for her travel boyfriend. Keeping things positive, she imagined a backstory for him. He had probably spent the last year sequestered in a … leper colony? Did they still have those? Sure, why not? And now he was taking some well-deserved time off for himself. That sounded right.
Daisy smiled at him, and took inventory of the rest of the car as her seatmate repacked his belongings. She picked up a rank odor—tofu or blue cheese maybe—and looked around to see which of the other passengers had brought stinky food with them. The coach ticket did not include any meals, so most of the people in her car would be eating food they’d packed along with them.
The people around Daisy were intent on their phones and tablets and naps. No one had food out.
Oh no. That wasn’t food. The smell was being emitted by the man she was about to spend a day and a half with. Her stomach turned over at the image of remnants of rotting flesh from the imaginary leper colony.
Sometimes her active imagination was a curse. How quickly her dream vacation had been chopped up, shoved into the disposal, and blended into a million slimy pieces.
Daisy turned her back on her failed boyfriend and saw the door from the next car slide open.
At the far end of the car, her real travel boyfriend was stepping through the door. Tall, clean cut, bold bearing, and as handsome as Mr. Rochester was plain. Why couldn’t that guy get stuck next to her? Judging by his perfectly cut suit—on a body she couldn’t see much of, but appeared to be perfectly proportioned—he wasn’t riding in the cheap coach seats. Daisy’s eyes started fluttering like some silly girl before she got them under control.
The guy, her new boyfriend, was scanning the train car as if he was playing Where’s Waldo. The grin on his lips seemed to say, Life is good. His eyes slid over the contents of the car without stopping on anything … until they caught on Daisy’s eyes, where he paused like a sprinkler reaching the end of its swivel.
We met on a train. When I looked into his eyes, everyone else on the train evaporated like mist. The aisle was a mile long, but as we stood still, locked in a gaze, the magnetism between us brought us speeding together as the distance shrunk in an instant. He put his hands on my shoulders and—
Her boyfriend pulled his gaze away, continuing his scan of the compartment and giving Daisy whiplash.
Sometimes she wrote little snippets of her life—okay, snippets of the fantasy she wished was her life—inside her head, and she’d been way too deep in that one. It came from editing multiple novels every week, analyzing the love story, the setting, the prose, and overall the romanticism of it all. This perfect specimen of a man walking through the door just when her other travel boyfriend had gone up in smoke had caught her way off guard and she found herself catching her breath.
Daisy checked behind her and saw that her former boyfriend had set up a yard sale on her seat. She wasn’t getting in any time soon, so she turned back to the more pleasant view.
Apparently her new boyfriend had finished looking for whatever he was seeking and had stepped aside. A woman and a little girl stepped out from behind him and started up the aisle.
A little family.
Well, that was low of her. She’d never claimed a guy who was with his family as her imaginary boyfriend before.
The poised, perfect woman led the way up the aisle and Daisy looked for somewhere she could curl up and die from shame, but there was nowhere but the aisle to do so. Daisy just waited and tried to keep her blush down as the family walked up the aisle toward her.
The wife carried herself with an air of confidence, and was as perfectly put-together as the man. Straight, dark hair, makeup so flawless it looked like she’d been born with it, and grace that seemed inhuman on a moving train.  A large Hermes bag hung on her shoulder.
In romance novels, a scene when a future romantic couple met for the first time was called a meet cute. And now Daisy was face-to-face with the woman after she’d imaginarily meet-cuted her husband right in front of her.
“Hi,” said Daisy, angling her body to hide her blush and also allow the woman to see past her to the roadblock.
The woman smiled back and said, “Hello.” Oh, a British accent. So both of these people were ideal specimens.
From behind the mom, a cute little towheaded girl leaned out and said, “Hi, what’s your name?”
“Daisy Close. What’s yours?”
The girl was tiny enough to squeeze past her mom and step up to Daisy. She was maybe five years old. With a crooked finger, she summoned Daisy down to her level.
The darling little girl reminded Daisy of a straight-haired Shirley Temple. She bent down to come face to face with her.
“Nice to meet you, Ms. Close. I’m Pasha,” whispered the girl. “I’m not s’pose to say that too loud though.”
“That’s a very pretty name,” said Daisy quietly, wondering why the girl didn’t have a British accent.
Pasha was missing a front tooth, so she spoke with a bit of a lisp. “My real name’s Appassionata.”
That sounded familiar and it only took Daisy a second to place it. “Is that from something called Li’l Abner?”
The girl’s eyes lit up. “Yeah! That’s what my mommy told me!”
“Guess what,” said Daisy conspiratorially. “My real name’s Daisy Mae. That’s from Li’l Abner too.”
Pasha’s eyes lit up like she was talking to a Disney princess. “That means we’re like sisters! I always wanted a sister.”
That was super sweet, but Daisy had mixed feelings about her own sister. “Well now you have one. And so you should call me Daisy.”
Pasha’s parents were quiet, allowing their daughter to make new friends while they waited for Daisy’s seat to clear so she could clear the aisle. Mom just looked down patiently. Dad watched much more intently as if he was worried Daisy meant his daughter harm, but every two seconds or so his eyes darted to another part of the car.
Daisy wondered what his hurry was. Everyone on the train was relaxed and ready for a long, laid-back trip, but this guy had a hard time standing still and waiting for the aisle to open.
Behind Daisy, her seatmate started having a coughing fit. For about half a minute he coughed into a paper napkin. Maybe it was a tuberculosis sanatorium where he’d been living and volunteering for the last twelve months. When he was done coughing, he appeared out of breath and a little sweaty.
“Do you want something to drink?” asked Daisy, touching his shoulder. He nodded so she pulled a bottle of water out of her carryon.
He rasped, “Thanks,” then cracked it open and started draining it.
The dad of the group was staring at Daisy, distracted from his inspection of the train car. Everyone else was looking at the man, probably wondering if he’d keel over. But not the hot dad. It was like he couldn’t believe Daisy was engaging with the man, but what else was she supposed to do? She could afford a few bucks to replace the bottled water and kindness didn’t cost anything.
Realizing he’d been staring, the dad went back to scanning everything. Daisy looked and saw her seatmate squeeze in front of her seat and plop down heavily into his own. He immediately claimed all of the armrest as well as part of her seat.
Good thing Daisy was slender and didn’t need all of her space. She was happy to give up what she wasn’t using. Daisy took her seat and said, “It was very nice to meet you, sister.”
“We’re going to see the last car, but they told me it has passengers in it. Is it still called a caboose?” The little girl was in no rush to move on.
Daisy leaned on the armrest by the aisle. “I don’t know. I’ve never been on a train before.”
“I ride trains all the time,” said Pasha. “Next week—”
“Pasha,” said her dad gently.
“Oh.” The girl obviously wasn’t supposed to say what she’d been about to say so she changed tracks. “I know everything about trains.”
“That’s good,” said Daisy. “Now I know who to ask when I have questions.”
“We’ll be right back after we find out if there’s a caboose on this train. You should come to the parlour car with us when we come back.”
Daisy had read about a lounge car and a Pacific Parlour car where people could hang out and get a better view of the beautiful scenery. But she was still a little fuzzy on exactly what amenities were available to coach passengers.
“Maybe,” said Daisy. “Ask me when you come back this way.”
“Okay. Bye, big sister.”
“Bye, little sister.”
Pasha went skipping up the aisle. Mom mouthed, thank you as she followed her. The dad paused momentarily and examined the seating arrangement in Daisy’s row. The guy in the next seat over was already busy with a movie on a tablet—no headphones—and a bag of chips, half of which appeared to be ending up in his facial hair and on his shirt. The dad looked like he was about to speak to Daisy, but  instead, just gave her a wink and a smile then snapped forward like he was pulled by an invisible leash attached to his family.
Daisy just stared at him, stunned. Was that a thank-you wink? Judging by the butterflies that took flight in her stomach, it sure didn’t feel like that. Daisy had no interest in flirting with a married man; she would never go there. But her body didn’t seem to be listening to her mind and her heart was beating like a bass drum.
Why couldn’t a hot, single guy wink at her like that? Unattached. Available. Oh well. Daisy sighed and went back to her book, leaning onto her armrest and encroaching into the aisle as the guy next to her was encroaching into her personal space.
It was going to be a long trip.
Before she had made it through an entire page, Pasha was tapping her on the arm.
“Hi, big sister.”
“You’re back already? Is it a caboose?”
Pasha sighed. In her cute little lisp she said, “It’s kinda confusing if you don’t know a lot about trains. Come with us to the parlour car and I’ll ‘splain it.”
The idea of sitting anywhere besides her assigned seat appealed to Daisy. But she didn’t trust the five-year old’s invitation that a coach passenger was really allowed up there. “Is it okay with your parents?”
Without looking up, Pasha said, “My parents said I can make friends on the train as long as I stay with Miss Dee and Cannon.”
Who? wondered Daisy. She looked up at the mom who picked up on her confusion.
In a confidential voice, the mom said, “We aren’t Miss Pasha’s parents. I’m Miss Dee, and this is Cannon.” Her refined English accent was straight out of a British Royalty movie.
The guy—who was not Dad—was leaning around Miss Dee. His smile had turned somewhat amused, but he didn’t speak. Wait, that meant … the wink …. Oh! Daisy gulped. So he was available on the boyfriend buffet again, and Daisy immediately claimed him as her new fake boyfriend again.
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Free today - Rescued by Love

Find Rescued by Love FREE on Amazon today.
Reluctant Rescue & Stone Cold Sparks are $.99.

Watch Thursday for a new Park City Firefighter Romance by Sarah Gay - Spark of a Kiss. I was able to beta read and I loved it!

Rescued by Love:
Captain Cameron Compton is content with his job as a firefighter and coaching a youth lacrosse team. He doesn’t need or want anything else in his life. Then a tall blonde schoolteacher parks her Jeep illegally in front of a fire hydrant, and one of his crew soaks it with water. Repentant but un-intimidated, she fires back at him, and he’s pulled in by her spunk.

Sage Turner has wished her entire life that she could shrink to a normal-sized woman. She hides her insecurities pretty well, but when she falls for a hot firefighter, she’s certain she’ll never be good enough.

Stranded together at her cabin, sparks start to fly, and Sage barely suppresses the urge to kick him out in a snowstorm.

A fire and a moose attack should bring them together, but instead, they might sever any hope of being rescued from the flames or loneliness.

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Win a Nani Swimsuit of your choice

Don't miss this chance to win an adorable Nani Swimsuit of your choice ($80 value). I have four of their suits and I absolutely love them! Enter to win on the rafflecopter form below.
Thanks again for the fabulous support of The Protective Warrior! Such a fun release. I love the connection with Nani as well because their 18yo swimsuit designer was my inspiration for the book. She lived on Kauai where I set the book so she gave me a ton of insight that I didn't get vacationing there for a week. Plus she's an absolute angel.
Happy weekend!

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The Protective Warrior & Nani Swimsuit Giveaway

Find The Protective Warrior on Amazon.

A daughter escaping, a Navy SEAL sent to protect her, and the beautiful island that might prove more dangerous than her father.
Ally, daughter of the Duke of Gunthry, has spent her life terrified of her father and dreams of the day when she can escape his tyrannical rule.
When her mum helps her escape to the beautiful island of Kauai, Ally thinks she’s found paradise and maybe more with the handsome River who keeps crossing her path.
But there are unexpected enemies lurking in the shadows. And no matter how tough River seems, no one can withstand the army her father will send when he discovers her location.
River Duncan is part of an elite security task force of ex-Navy SEALS. Little does he know his first assignment might prove irresistible to resist and protect. When he finds himself falling for the fun-loving Ally he plans to resign his position so they can join forces in their common goal of fighting human trafficking. River has never underestimated the enemy before, but is he fully prepared to protect and love Alexandria Gunthry?
Will River’s protection and Ally’s love be enough to conquer a lifetime of fear and responsibilities? Or will they be forced to give up on their dreams in the face of her sadistic and powerful father?

To celebrate the release of The Protective Warrior we are giving away an adorable Nani Swimsuit of your choice ($80 value). The book is set on Kauai where the designer of Nani Swimwear got the name and inspiration behind these comfortable, fun suits. Enter to win below.

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Seeking Mr. Perfect - Jane Austen Pact Romance & a $50 Giveaway

Find Seeking Mr. Perfect on Amazon 
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Broken trust, broken hearts, 
and a twist of fate that could change everything.

Sierra McCain has her life figured out with a fabulous
job in New York and a perfect boyfriend who is the
modern day equivalent of Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy.
The type of guy Sierra always wanted to find.

Then, a frantic call from an old friend sends her racing
back to South Carolina where she comes face to face
with the very guy she's spent the past seven years
trying to forget--Dalton Chandler whose slow,
Southern smile unleashes an army of butterflies
in her stomach and sends her heart into flips.
Under no circumstance can she fall for him again,
and she certainly can't tell him her long-kept secret.

Caught between two worlds and two very different men,
Sierra must decide which love she'll choose--Mr. Perfect
or Mr. Right.

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