Clean Romance Author List

I'm always searching for clean romance novels. I decided to compile a list to save all of you the headache of Google searches and combing through Amazon lists.
I haven't read all of these authors, but you can read the first few chapters of each of their books on Amazon for free by downloading a sample and make sure the book works for you before you purchase it. Click on the author's name to see a complete list of their novels or their book title to read more or purchase. The list is a work-in-progress and my 14yo son is in charge of maintaining and updating, so please forgive us if all the links aren't up-to-date. A fabulous reader sent me an alphabetized list, but Memphis hasn't had time to update it with links yet. It's pasted in at the bottom.
Thank you and happy reading!

Taylor Hart - Last Play Series & Billionaire Bachelor Romances

Rachelle J. Christensen - Wedding Planner Mysteries & Billionaire Location Romances

Lucy McConnell - Billionaire Marriage Brokers

Jeanette Lewis - Billionaire Bride Pact Romances

Cindy Anderson - Discovering Sophie

Jennifer Youngblood & Sandra Poole - Love on the Rocks

Kimberley Montpetit - Paris Cravings

Daniel Banner - Two Hearts Rescue

Christine Kersey - Rescue My Heart

Janette Rallison - Masquerade

Brooke St. James - Something of a Storm

Victorine Lieske - Accidentally Married

Jennifer Peel - The Women of Merryton

Liz Isaacson - Three Rivers Ranch Romance

Rachel Renee Anderson - Working it Out

Amber Argyle - Witch Fall

Kaylee Baldwin - Silver Linings

Christy Barritt - The Good Girl

Robin Bayne - Samaritan

Julie Bellon - Pocket Full of Posies

Rachel Branton - Your Eyes Don't Lie

Cami Checketts - Shadows in the Curtain

Daniel Coleman - Gifts and Consequences

Joyce DiPastena - Illuminations of the Heart

Julianne Donaldson - Edenbrooke

Sarah Eden - As You Are

Aileen Fish - The Incorrigible Mr. Lumley

Darcy Flynn - Rogue's Son

Stephanie Fowers - With a Kiss

Sherry Gammon- Unbelievable

Shannon Guymon - You Belong with Me

Mindy Hardwick - Romance for All the Seasons

Shanna Hatfield - The Cowboy's New Heart

Cindy Hogan - Confessions of a 16-year old Virgin

Marie Higgins - Love Lost in Time

Heather Justesen - Second Chances

Dorothy Keddington - Hearth Fires

Christine Kersey - Second Chances

Kimberly Krey - Jade's Cowboy Crush

Kathleen Marks - To Sleep No More

Tara Mayoros - Broken Smiles

Jordan McCollum - I, Spy

Sharon McGregor - Northern Lights

Milinh Montanez - Liberty's Hope 

Rachel Ann Nunes - Ariana

Heather B. Moore - Fortune Cafe 

Andrea Pearson - Samara: A Kilenya Romance

Ruth Roberts - Tender Triumph

Theresa Sneed - No Angel Series

LaVerne St. George - The Master's Plan

Rebecca Talley - Imperfect Love

Robin Alexander - Matter of Choice

Connie E. Sokol - Soda Fountain Christmas

E. M. Tippetts - Someone Else's Fairytale

Amanda Tru - The Choice

Heather Tullis - The Last Bride

G.G. Vandagriff - The Baron and the Bluestocking

Sheeren Vedam - A Beastly Scandal

Kathleen Wiseman - The Morgan Brothers

Nicole Zoltak - Bloodlust

Cathy Bryant

Carol Mcadoo

Jillian Dodd - The Keatyn Chronicles

Amryn Cross - Alex Hoist Files

Marcia Lynn McClure

Josi Kilpack

Karen Tuft

Sierra St. James

Melanie Jacobsen

Stacy Alabaster

T.K. Chapin

Georgette Hyer

Heather Horrocks

Kimberley Rae Jordan

Jan Thompson

Joy Ohagwu

Autumn MacArthur

Elizabeth Maddrey

Lacy Williams

Margaret Daley

Susette Williams

Tamara Leigh

Melissa Storm

Jenn Faulk

Brenda Coulter

Kathy Carmichael

Janette Oke

Traci Peterson

Lori Wick

Vikki Kestrel - A Prairie Heritage Series

Debra Parmley

Leah Atwood

Colleen Coble

Dee Henderson

Janet Hooper

Victoria Bylin

Ginger Solomon

Ashley Lauren - Cupid Cafe

Kathy Zebert - Madame Court Reporter

Fanny West

Shannon Guymon

Melanie Dickerson

Jaclyn Hawkes

Jessie Bennett

Authors in Alphabetical Order. *Indicates recommended by a reader. Bolded names are recommended by Cami. I'm sure all of them are amazing, I simply haven't had time to read them all. Hugs!

Adams, Diane Lil*
Alabaster, Stacy
Alexander, Robin
Anderson, Cindy
Anderson, Rachel Renee
Argyle, Amber
Armstrong, Lindzee*
Ashford, Jasmine
Ashworth, Heidi*
Atwood, Leah

Baldwin, Kaylee
Banner, Daniel
Barritt, Christy
Bayne, Robin
Bautista-Yao, Ines*
Beller, Misty M. 
Bellon, Julie
Bennett, Jessie
Bradley, Sally
Branton, Rachel
Bridgeman, Hallee
Bryant, Cathy
Bylin, Victoria

Calhoune, Belle
Camden, Elizabeth*
Carmichael, Kathy*
Chapin, T.K.
Checketts, Cami
Christensen, Rachelle J.
Christensen, V.  R.*
Coble, Colleen
Coleman, Daniel
Collins, Debra Lynn
Comer, Valerie
Connelly, Rebecca*
Coryell, Christina
Coulter, Brenda*
Cross, Amryn

Daley, Margaret
Dickerson, Melanie
DiPastena, Joyce
Dodd, Jillian
Donaldson, Julianne
Durgin, JoAnn

Eden, Sarah M.*

Faulk, Jenn*
Fish, Aileen
Flynn, Darcy
Fowers, Stephanie

Gammon, Sherry
Gay, Sarah
Gee, Barbara
Gray, Heather
Gunn, Robin Jones
Guymon, Shannon

Hannon, Irene
Hardwick, Mindy
Hart, Taylor
Hatfield, Shanna
Hathaway, Mary Jane
Hawkes, Jaclyn
Henderson, Dee
Heyer, Georgette
Higgins, Marie
Ho, Liwen Y. 
Hogan, Cindy
Holmes, Michelle*
Hooper, Janet
Horrocks, Heather
Hunt, Courtney
Hunter, Kristi Ann*

Isaac, Kara
Isaacson, Liz*

Jacobson, Melanie
Jordan, Kimberley Rae
Justesen, Heather

Keddington, Dorothy
Kersey, Christine
Kestall, Vikki*
Kestrel, Vikki
Kilpack, Josi*
Krey, Kimberly

Lauren, Ashley
Leigh, Tamara*
Lewis, Jeanette
Lieske, Victorine*

MacArthur, Autumn
Maddrey, Elizabeth
Marks, Kathleen
Mayoros, Tara*
McAdoo, Carol
McCahan, Heidi
McClure, Marcia Lynn*
McCollum, Jordan
McConnell, Lucy
McGregor, Sharon
Montanez, Milinh
Montpetit, Kimberly
Moore, Heather B.
Moore, Jennifer*
Murdoch, Emily
Murphy, H. Linn*

North, Leslie
Nunes, Rachel Ann

Ohagwu, Joy
Oke, Janette*

Parmley, Debra
Patch, Jessica R. 
Pearson, Andrea
Peel, Jennifer
Price, Sarah*
Proctor, Jenny*

Rallison, Janette
Roberts, Ruth

Sneed, Theresa
Snitker, Melanie D. 
Sokol, Connie E.
Solomon, Ginger
St. George, LaVerne
St. James, Brooke*
St. James, Sierra
Stallings, Stacy*
Stansfield, Anita*
Storm, Melissa*
Strong, Angela Ruth
Sundin, Sarah

Talley, Rebecca
Thompson, Jan
Tippetts, E. M.
Tru, Amanda*
Tuft, Karen
Tullis, Heather

Ueckermann, Marion

Van, Nichole*
Vandagriff, G. G.
Vedam, Sheeren
Verde, Alexa

Wade, Becky
Warren, Susan May
Watt, Cheryl
West, Fanny
Wick, Lori*
Williams, Lacy
Williams, Susette
Wiseman, Kathleen
Wright, Julie*

Youngblood, Jennifer

Zebert, Kathy
Zoltak, Nicole


  1. Love the list! Thanks for sharing. Always looking for CLEAN books. I am a huge Amanda Tru fan!

    1. Me too! Amanda is a part of the Breathtaking Boxed Set with me. She is amazing!

  2. You two always make me feel so good! You're the best! :)

    1. We speak the truth, my friend! Hugs, Cami

  3. May I suggest a book? I recently read a fun clean romance, "Broken Smiles" by Tara Mayoros and loved it - totally clean and such a great message.

  4. I love any of the books by Marcia Lynn McClure. Her books are a fun and clean read.

  5. nna Jones, Josi Kilpack's books just to name a few.
    Thanks uyou

  6. Thank you for the list Cami, I will check the books out.

  7. Thank you for the list. One of my favorite authors is Tamara Leigh, her Age of Faith series is one that I enjoyed reading.

  8. Thank You! What an amazing list. Now I have tons of authors to read without having to preview. I love Marcia McClure and have searched for clean authors like her. Victorine Lieske sent me an email about your book The Daring One and since I love her books I'm sure I'll love yours. I'm so excited to read your books! I also love your name. ;)

    1. Thank you, Cami! I love Victorian's books too :) I'll make sure Marcia is on the list.

  9. I will definitely check out the list. I love A Prairie Heritage series by Vikki Kestall. This is a six-book series, with several branching series.

  10. Thank you for this list. It is hard to go through books to find clean uplifting romances. Love your books very much.

  11. I love all your books. I am glad you included Brooke St James...She us one of my favorites 💖📖

  12. Brenda Coulter is an amazing author. Her books are clean. My absolute favorite by her is Finding Hope. You should definitely check it out if you haven't already.

  13. Great list! I'd add Kathy Carmichael to it and recommend that you alphabetize it for easier reference.

    1. Thank you! I'll add Kathy. I used to have it alphabetized but things have gotten so busy I can't keep up :) I had my 14yo go in and update links on it the other day. I'll make him alphabetize it next.

  14. I love your list. Some other authors that come to mind are:

    Janette Oke
    Tracy Peterson
    Lori Wick

  15. Melissa Storm also writes clean, sweet novels.

  16. Thank you for sharing your list. I recently enjoyed Resolutions by Jenn Faulk.

  17. Hopefully, I don't have repeats but these are a few other authors I have enjoyed: Heidi Ashworth
    Anita Stansfield
    Elizabeth Camden
    Rebecca Connelly
    Michelle Holmes
    Kristi Ann Hunter
    Julie Wright
    Jenny Proctor
    Jennifer Moore
    Annette Lyon
    Julie Klassen
    Jo Noelle
    Heather Moore
    Lindzee Armstrong
    Happy reading

  18. Thank you, Cami, for this great list (and for including me on it)! I'd also recommend Ines Bautista-Yao who writes wonderful YA romances that are sweet and clean.

  19. I would like to suggest Staci Stallings, Diane Lil Adams, Nichole Van, Sarah Price

  20. Ever tried an H. Linn Murphy book? All of mine are sweet and clean.

  21. So glad to see Edenbrooke on your list. It's one of my very favorites.

    Thanks for taking the time to compile this list. It's hard to figure out which authors you can trust;so it is helpful to have someone share their "clean" favorites.

  22. Thanks for the list. Karen Kingsbury has clean reads as well as Laurie Lewis.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  23. This is great! I am part of a Book Worms team and I have a list of Christian Authors I have been working on for our team. This will help me in making sure that it is a comprehensive list for them. I want to let them know which authors are clean and which have language or sexual content in them. Thanks again for taking the time to do this for us!

  24. Thank you for the list. I went through an erotica phase but it was so repetitious. I find if there is sex in a book I tend to just skim over it. I am much more interested in the story. Thanks for suggesting these authors.


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