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Impossible Climb
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Impossible Climb

Book Four

Chance for Charity

A former Army Ranger hiding his identity to protect his sister. An impetuous schoolteacher who discovers his secret. Will Quaid and Anna survive the dangerous journey through the rugged mountains of Augustine and win the prize money or are the secrets too hard to keep?

Lieutenant Quaid Raven has been living under an assumed name and succeeding as an Army Ranger since he was ‘kidnapped’ at eighteen. His focus in life is protecting his younger sister. When the opportunity comes to help a charitable woman on a reality television show and make a million dollars, he has to take it, despite the risks. The money will make it possible to keep his sister safe for years to come and the show has promised his voice and face will be obscured.

What Quaid didn’t plan on was Anna, a talkative and carefree angel who lights up his world and reminds him how to laugh and smile again. Quaid finds himself falling for Anna, but nothing in this world can come before his responsibilities to his sister. Especially when he knows the danger he’d bring to Anna if anyone found out how much he cares for her.

Anna Marley, a young preschool teacher from north Chicago, is used to living on little and making up for it with her natural enthusiasm and joy. She lives and breathes for the little angels at her Play time Centers. When the chance comes to not only win a million dollars for her charity, but launch the adventure from the luxurious castle of Augustine, she about dies with excitement!

Anna can’t believe her luck when she is paired up with the most mesmerizing man she has ever met. She quickly discovers Quaid’s secret, or at least part of it, when she recognizes who he really is and desperately wants to help him, love him, and lighten his burden. If only she could get him to let down his guard and let her in.

Will Anna’s determination to love Quaid break down his walls and give him the courage to open his heart, or will their blossoming love put them both in mortal peril?


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