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Rugged & At-Risk
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Rugged & At-Risk

Book Four

Quinn Romance Adventures

A famous actress with a price on her head, a hardened security specialist and former Navy SEAL who refuses to acknowledge their love. Can she convince him to reconnect before they run out of time?

Griff Quinn’s purpose is to save lives and someday make restitution for the wrongs he’s committed. He’s loved Scarlett Lily for almost a dozen years, but no one will find that out, especially not Scarlett.
When Griff finally comes for her after a decade of separation, Scarlett is ready to reconnect with an Oscar worthy kiss. His coldness hurts worse than the years of rejection and silence. Scarlett isn’t sure that anything will penetrate his hardened heart. The only comfort in having Griff in her life again is he might be the only man who can protect her from a demented fan offering a million dollars for her kidnapping.
Will love prevail or is Griff too far past feeling to let even the love of his life in?
**Previously published as "The Tough Warrior"**


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