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The Charming Prince and the Chef
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The Charming Prince and the Chef



Sweet Royal Romance Suspense

A prince who refuses to settle down; a world-renowned chef who doesn’t fall for his handsome face, charming personality, or princely title.
Has Prince Malik met his match?

A royal family in danger. A centuries old curse resurrected. Will the daredevil princes believe in an archaic curse, or will they take a chance on love that could save or destroy their nation?

Don't miss this new clean romantic suspense series by USA Today Bestselling Author Cami Checketts.

#1 - The General Prince and the Nerd
#2 - The Brave Prince and the Teacher
#3 - The Doctor Prince and the Outsider
#4 - The Charming Prince and the Chef
#5 - The Long-Lost Prince and the Athlete
#6 - The Crown Prince and the Traitor

Fans of Susan Sleeman, Lisa Phillips, Edie James, Sariah Wilson, and Charles Martin will love Cami Checketts’ clean romantic suspense with a side of comedy.


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