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The Police Chief and the Musician
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The Police Chief and the Musician

Book Seven

Sweet Royal Romance Suspense

A sweetheart musician pursued by a psycho. A police chief sworn to protect her. Love can’t factor into the equation.

Livvy Moser, a talented concert pianist, has been the target of a demented man for over ten years. As Treven Rindlesbacher and his cronies have continuously taunted and threatened her, she lost all confidence and is now a shell of what she once was. Livvy tries to content herself with teaching private lessons in her home—her only rays of sunshine are her students and Jensen, the dashing young police chief who comes to check on her. When Treven escapes from prison and tries to kidnap Livvy, her only chance is to let down her guard and turn to Chief Jensen. She knows she must keep her feelings for him hidden. If only the brave and handsome chief could see the real her underneath her “victim” status.

Chief Jensen Allendale, the attractive and very eligible police chief of Augustine, is dedicated to his work of keeping his beloved country safe and doesn’t leave much time for romance. Yet, Jensen has been enthralled with the talented and accomplished Livvy Moser from the moment he met her and can’t get her off of his mind. With Livvy’s life on the line, Jensen has to keep his distance emotionally to protect her from Treven Rindlesbacher. When Treven escapes and goes after Livvy, Jensen knows that keeping Livvy safe and capturing his nemesis have to be his priorities. His longing for her cannot be revealed.

Will Jensen be able to protect Livvy or will he lose his heart and the only woman for him?


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