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The Wounded Guard and the Royal Stylist
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The Wounded Guard and the Royal Stylist

Book Two

Christmas in Augustine

A rogue soldier returned. The royal stylist who never stopped loving him. Can Brad mend his past mistakes with Arianna before it’s too late?

Arianna Gunnell, the talented royal stylist for the Augustine family, adores her job, her friends, and her home. She has all she could ever want, except Brad Rivera. She’s secretly loved Brad since they were childhood friends. The week his mum died of cancer, they finally broke past the friendship zone and shared the most incredible kiss of her life. But the next day, he left the country without a word and has been gone for eight years. Now, busy in her picturesque life at the castle, Arianna has given up on Brad as a long-lost dream. When he unexpectedly appears at the Christmas ball, as handsome as ever, she isn’t sure whether to hug him or punch him.

Private Brad Rivera has finally returned home from protecting innocent villagers in an African warzone. He has missed home and is determined to face his past and make things right again. If only he hadn’t messed up so much, and then played with Arianna’s heart. Even after eight long years, her kiss still haunts him. He is praying he can find a way to make amends for his behavior, but maybe that’s too much to ask for.

When a serial killer threatens Arianna the night of the ball, she barely escapes and runs straight into Brad's arms. He comforts her and vows to protect her. Suddenly, Brad and Arianna are stuck together night and day on a protection detail. Arianna tries to plan the royal wedding of the century from a castle suite and avoid handing over her heart to Brad again.

Can Brad and Arianna overcome years of suffering, misunderstandings, and self-imposed boundaries this Christmas? Will Brad be able to make things right before the killer strikes again?


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