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Allow me to introduce myself! My name is:

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I have published over 150 novels.
I love my Savior and husband—my rocks.
I adore my kids (+ soon-to-be grandson!) 

Keep scrolling to learn more about me:

I like books

*that's an understatement

I read about 12-15 books a month

I write full time (my husband says I work 70 hours a week—I swear it's not that much)

I love romantic suspense and medieval romances—I like my romances to have some sass.

I write a lot

*another understatement

The most words I've written in a single day is 17K! 

My husband says I work 70 hours a week—I swear it's not that much

I'm grateful for the "find" feature—my word document with all my story ideas is a mess

Authors who influenced my writing (AKA—authors you should read *wink*) include: Alexandre Dumas, Dorothy Keddington, Clive Cussler, Jody Hedlund, Lucy McConnell, Jennifer Youngblood, Taylor Hart, Kimberly Krey, Sarah Gay, Jeanette Lewis

I like to be active

*as much as possible

Have you seen my videos walking while I write? It's so awesome!

My favorite type of service activities are cleaning/yard work so I can be moving around.

I always wanted to be a physical therapist when I grew up—until I broke my arm and realized I could never hurt somebody like that!

My favorite workout is weight lifting

My faves

My favorite treat is Dark Chocolate

It may seem boring, but water really is my favorite beverage!

I love a good bowl of popcorn for the movies

You'll always find me with a water bottle and lip gloss!

My fave reads are romantic suspense and medieval romance

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