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Book One

Delta Family Romances

A protective doctor and an innocent reporter. Will love triumph over hidden danger?

Colton Delta, the oldest grandchild of the Delta family, has been given the duty of defending a family secret that is a matter of national security. When he unexpectedly falls in love with an out-of-town "writer" he has to choose ... protect Bailey from the danger she's uncovering or protect his family from her?

Bailey Ashworth, a headstrong and charming young reporter, has stumbled upon a much bigger story in Summit Valley than she ever imagined. This could be her big break into the journalist career she has dreamed of. But the more she gets to know Colton, the handsome town doctor, the more she realizes she is falling in love with him. Is her story worth breaking his heart and trust?

Will Colton and Bailey ever be able to trust each other and love together, or is the secret meant to tear them apart?


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