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Book Ten

Delta Family Romances

A brave woman trying to save the world; the only man strong enough to stand by her side.

Jessie Delta, Secret Keeper, is her family's last hope to protect the Delta weapon and save the world. She tries her best to stay calm and confident, but sometime she feels like the weight of the free world is going to flatten her. When she meets the charming Chief Petty Officer Zander Povey, she isn't sure if he's an enemy or a friend.
Zander, a tough and experienced Master EOD, is instantly drawn to the sweet and spunky Jessie. When war is on the horizon, he has a choice to make. To win Jessie's heart, he'll have to prove more than just his love and devotion. He'll have to be prepared to sacrifice his life for her cause.
Can Zander and Jessie's love prevail over evil or will the Delta family lose their most important battle?


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