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Do Claim the Tempting Athlete
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Do Claim the Tempting Athlete


Jewel Family Romance

A single mom with a horrific secret, a charming hockey player with a marriage deadline he refuses to meet, and the ghost from her past who won't stay hidden.

Eve Jewel is busy and happy raising her daughter and running her fitness center. She doesn't need or trust anyone but her family. When Beckett Tanner appears at her gym he patiently breaks down her barriers until she thinks she's found the perfect man. Unfortunately he has secrets that may hurt her worst than being deserted by her first husband.
Beckett Tanner's grandfather gives him an ultimatum: be married in two months or his billions will be gifted to the Save the Hyenas foundation instead of children in need. Beck doesn't want to be forced into marriage but when he meets Eve Jewel he thinks it may be the sign from his deceased parents that his grandfather has been praying for.


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