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Extreme Devotion
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Extreme Devotion


Steele Family Romance

An extreme sports athlete desperately in love; an independent woman afraid to trust. Can they both let go of their fears and embrace their future?

Jex Steele lives for his insane stunts and his flirtations with Pearl Jacobsen-Davenport. He prays for the day the independent Pearl will change her last name to one syllable—Steele. When his world upends can Jex conquer his own demons or will he lose everything, including the woman he loves?
Pearl Jacobsen-Davenport manages Jex Steele's career, even though every life-threatening stunt terrifies her. He's her best friend and the only man she's ever loved, but can she move past her fears and trust that he won't kill himself on his next stunt?
Can the Steele siblings help Jex learn what matters most in life before it's too late?


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