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Gentle & Broken
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Gentle & Broken

Book Three

Quinn Romance Adventures

A gentle giant. A captivating, yet shy beauty, hiding scars. A secret that wedges between their growing love.

Sariah Udy has been falling in love with Mack Quinn from afar while watching him all season. But she knows she could never date someone perfect like him in her condition. Sariah has deformities and heartache that she covers with her long hair and lots of humor. After their brief encounter, she reels at how cherished—and safe—she feels with him. Yet, when Mack pursues her across the country, she wonders if she can ever show her true self to him.
Mack Quinn, the burly and handsome Patriots linebacker, can’t get Sariah Udy out of his mind. Ever since they locked eyes at his game, he’s known she is the woman for him. When his efforts to connect with her fail, he vows to find her and convince her that they are meant to be. But he doesn’t know how much his heart can take when she won’t allow him into her life.
Can Sariah find the courage to share her innermost secrets with Mack? Can Mack prove to her that she is safe with him, no matter what? Or will her insecurities tear them apart?
**Previously published as "The Gentle Patriot"**


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