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Her Billionaire Boss Fake Fiance
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Her Billionaire Boss Fake Fiance


Hawk Brothers Romance

Farm girl sass takes on America's Most Eligible Bachelor in this fun fake fiancé for Christmas romance.

Callum Hawk has it all: fame, money, and a family that loves him. He doesn’t have time for romance, but that’s all right—his head of marketing does a great job scheduling dates with models and actresses for the necessary social events. When he almost hits Alexia Hall, his new intern from Montana, with his motorcycle, he’s intrigued by the feisty blonde and offers to hire her to be his fake fiancé for his brother’s highly-publicized Christmas wedding. When she not only turns him down, but tells him to never come near her again, he has no clue what went wrong.

Lexi Hall almost kills her successful, and amazingly handsome billionaire boss—ripping his Brioni suit and scarring his motorcycle. She hopes he won’t recognize her later that morning when she arrives in the office as the newest hire. But to her surprise, he offers a scheming proposition that she can’t accept, and she storms away from the job opportunity of a lifetime. Hours later, she finds out her mom has finally been matched to a kidney donor and a Christmas miracle could happen for her family, if Lexi can help pay for the surgery and medications. Lexi must swallow her pride and beg Callum Hawk to take her back as his fake fiancé for Christmas or jeopardize her mother’s health and let her entire family down.
As mistletoe kisses send sparks flying between the fake couple, Callum and Lexi each find themselves hoping for their pretend engagement to turn into something real. Will they find a way to open their hearts and allow a true and genuine love to grow between them this Christmas?


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