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Her Dream Date Boss
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Her Dream Date Boss


Steele Family Romance

A charming billionaire, a woman hiding behind her big glasses and frumpy shirts, and their dream date gone extremely wrong.

Mae Delaney has fallen in love with her boss, Slade Steele, over video chats. When he flies into her hometown and asks her to meet for dinner, she thinks all her dreams are about to come true. After hours of makeup, hair, and primping, her friend declares her ready to meet her man. Mae arrives at the restaurant and everything falls apart: Slade's late, the waiter is hitting on her, and worst of all, when Slade comes, he doesn't recognize Mae and kisses her, thinking her name is Josie.
Slade Steele is too busy with work and helping his younger sister to find time for love. After years of bantering with his favorite employee, Mae, he arranges to meet her for dinner. When he gets to the restaurant late, Mae is already gone. He's disappointed, but the beautiful Josie entrances him and he can't get her out of his mind.
As weeks pass, Slade tries to forget the mysterious Josie as he finds himself falling for quirky Mae. He wants to date someone whom he can laugh with, but what if he meets Mae in person and feels none of the sparks he felt with Josie?
Can these two navigate through mistaken identity and Mae's insecurities and find their chance at love?


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