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His Cabin Invaded for Christmas
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His Cabin Invaded for Christmas

Book Three

Summit Valley Christmas Romance

A determined, loyal man; an independent and feisty charity worker. Will ten years of longing for each other come to an end this Christmas?

Ammon Jardine, daring ski enthusiast and owner of Summit Valley ski resort, fell in love with Ivy Collier as an innocent teenager. When she left him to do charity work and rescue children abroad, he never planned to wait ten years for her, but his heart has other plans.

Ivy Collier has avoided home and a certain handsome ski resort owner for ten long years. She barely escaped the war in Banida with her life, and emotionally she's a mess, but she is finally home. When she sees Ammon execute a double backflip on skis, she cusses him for risking his life. She loves him desperately, but she'll never tell him that.

Ammon disappears to a remote cabin to get away from it all. While Ivy is out snowshoeing in the solitude, she is stalked by a mountain lion and none other than Ammon Jardine rescues her. Alone together at the cabin, they finally get the chance to reconnect—if old wounds don't run too deep.

Will a Christmas miracle bring Ammon and Ivy a second chance at love or will she leave him again, taking his heart with her?


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