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His Perfect Match for Christmas
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His Perfect Match for Christmas

Book One

Summit Valley Christmas Romance

An elite Navy SEAL with an unusual barrier; a feisty clothing designer in danger. Will their unanticipated love for each other overcome the odds?

Mia Burton, an independent and successful designer and businesswoman, is targeted by a renowned stalker, who's never failed to kidnap his target. Organizing and buying toys for children in need with her mum like she does every year is sadly the last thing on her mind. She prays that her new bodyguard will be able to keep her safe. When she meets Zeke, she is surprised to discover a warm heart underneath his blindingly tough exterior. She's never dated any man longer than a week but Zeke intrigues and captivates her like no one ever has.

Captain Zeke Hendrickson is the toughest, most highly-decorated, and experienced warrior on the planet and the only man who can protect Lady Mia Burton from a vicious stalker. There's only one problem: he can't tolerate human touch. Yet, when Mia touches him, Zeke is shocked to find that he isn't repulsed—he likes it.

Will Mia be the one to break through Zeke's touch barriers? Can Zeke protect Mia and fill the void in her heart this Christmas, or will the stalker take her and ruin their chance at happiness?


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