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His Unexpected Wedding for Christmas
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His Unexpected Wedding for Christmas

Book Four

Summit Valley Christmas Romance

An elite Navy SEAL with a broken heart; the woman who betrayed him and now must beg him to marry her.

Lieutenant Van Udy, having spent many holidays on the battlefront, is thrilled to spend some time with old friends in beautiful Summit Valley and enjoy skiing for Christmas. His heart has never recovered since the love of his life ran off on him during a deployment thirteen years ago, and he is hoping the company of friends will boost his morale.

Malory has never stopped loving Van, the fiancé she betrayed in order to save him. Now she has finally escaped the clutches of her dangerous and manipulative ex-husband, and is running for her life. She sees Van on a skiing video and flees to Summit Valley to beg him to protect her, and if she’s lucky, love her again.

Stunned and a little blind-sided, Van agrees to marry Malory, but vows to keep his distance and focus on protecting her. Keeping Malory safe and defeating her ex is no stress, but Van isn’t sure he can bear to give love another chance. Nothing but a Christmas miracle can bring Van and Malory together again.


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