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How to Lose a Fiance
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How to Lose a Fiance


Jepson Brothers Romance

A sassy, charitable woman, a determined, charming man, and the million-dollar challenge that will tear them apart.

Kaimbrey Jackson has been obsessed with building her home for those in need. When she’s offered a million dollars for her charity, if she can get the handsome and flirtatious Brody Jepson to propose, she figures she’d been handed the golden ticket. But what happens when she falls in love and stands to lose everything if Brody finds out the truth?
Brody Jepson has been burned by love before and won’t trust his heart to anyone. When the sassy and irresistible Kaimbrey Jackson catches his eye, he finds himself handing his heart to her on a platter. When she breaks his trust, he may never recover. Can these two overcome a kidnapping and trust issues to find the love they’ve both dreamed of?


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