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How to Switch a Groom
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How to Switch a Groom


Jepson Brothers Romance

A million-dollar challenge; a proposal she'll never get; and the only man she's meant to love.

Cally Young returns to her small hometown after five years and is given an insane challenge—a million dollars for her charity if she gets a marriage proposal out of Tate Jepson. Tate has grown into the most incredible and appealing man she’s ever met, but she knows the proposal will never happen. Tate despises her because she broke his older brother’s heart and ditched all of the Jepson brothers for her career. There’s nothing she can do to make it right and Tate doesn’t hesitate to let her know that.
Tate Jepson has loved Cally Young as long as he can remember. There is just one problem—Cally was always destined to marry his older brother. When Cally ditches all of them and breaks Colt’s heart Tate tries to convince himself he hates her, but she may be too irresistible for him to resist. When Cally is kidnapped for a hefty ransom, Tate realizes what’s important and prays he can somehow rescue the only woman he’s ever loved.


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