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Impossible Crusade
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Impossible Crusade

Book Five

Chance for Charity

A charming security expert who has vowed to never fall in love. An angelic nurse he has to protect. When he falls in love with her can he rewrite his life plan or will he give up his chance at happiness and love to keep his promise?

Captain Aiden Porter, a confident and suave warrior, has dedicated his life to becoming the world's top security expert. He hides behind his charm, fame, handsome face, and jokes, keeping his heart locked up tight. But when he rescues the beautiful and sweet Chalisa Anderson from a vicious drug lord, he feels a connection and tenderness he’s never known, and against his most valiant efforts, falls in love with her. Unable to break his promise to himself and his father, Aiden walks away from her.

When Chalisa Anderson arrives in the kingdom of Magna to earn a million dollars for her charity in a reality television challenge, she is excited to see her family--General Kingston, Princess Reagan, and Princess Hope. The last person she expects to see is Captain Aiden Porter, the hero who rescued her, made her fall for him, and ditched her within a matter of hours. When Chalisa finds out that Aiden is her counterpart in the week's challenges, she is furious and—against her better judgment—thrilled, but she knows she can’t let him break her heart again.

Will Aiden stubbornly resist his heart or can he find the courage to adjust his life’s mission and experience happiness and love with Chalisa? Will Chalisa ever be able to trust him and let him in?


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