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Impossible Escape
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Impossible Escape

Book Two

Chance for Charity

A cowgirl determined to provide a safe haven to families. A retired Major coping with his imprisonment and torture. Will they make it through a resort filled with life-threatening challenges to win a million dollars for Rose’s ranch?

Rose Lillywhite, a tall and sturdy cowgirl from Montana, loves her family’s Safe Haven Ranch as much as being outdoors any time of the year. Her dream of converting the family ranch into a place where anyone can find safety and rest has been more rewarding than she could imagine. Unfortunately, her dream might be short-lived unless she can secure greater funding. When the stunning Mercedes Belle invites Rose to compete on her new reality TV series for a million-dollar prize, she can’t believe her luck. But Rose’s horrifying past experiences have made her cautious at best around well-built, handsome men. She will do anything to save her ranch but trusting a hulking military hero to protect her might be asking too much.

Major Bennett Mason is a gentle giant and a lethal weapon who always has a smile on his face. He’s dedicated his life to protecting the innocent, but after imprisonment and torture, his fiancée’s betrayal, and the unexpected death of his father, Bennett reaches his breaking point. He finds some solace in volunteering with at-risk youth at his friend’s gym, but wonders if he’ll ever recover. When offered the opportunity to help a charitable angel win a million dollars for her Safe Haven Ranch, Bennett knows this could be the chance not only to help his mother get back on her feet with the reward money, but possibly to reclaim his inner courage and strength. Channeling his Army Ranger grit, Bennett puts a smile on his face, yells 'Hooah', and gets to work.

Bennett and Rose are thrown together and challenged to escape a massive resort that has danger and surprises that nobody could have foreseen. Will they learn to trust each other or will their emotional obstacles be more devastating than the impossible physical challenges?


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