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Matchmaking the Bodyguard and the Philanthropist
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Matchmaking the Bodyguard and the Philanthropist

Book Six

Billionaire Protection Romances

A woman determined to save a tribe; the warrior who has sworn to protect her. As danger escalates, will they finally face their hidden feelings for each other?

Navy SEAL Manuel Leandro—Wolf—meets Sadie Ballard, the woman of his dreams, the day after his life implodes. He’s learned firsthand not to trust in love and has vowed to never be like his cheating father, so he ditches her. His family, his SEAL unit, and his honor have to take priority. Even if it rips his heart out to let her go.

Sadie Ballard thought she fell in love with the elusive Wolf, a Navy SEAL who is as caring and fun as he is tough. When he leaves without even telling her his real name, she is devastated. She throws herself into humanitarian work and uses her talents and means to bring health care to remote villages throughout the world.

Two years later, Sadie is determined to fight a measles outbreak in the middle of a war. Everyone begs her not to go, but she insists. When Wolf, the last person she ever expected to see again, shows up to protect her, she isn’t sure what to think. Amid extreme danger, Sadie finds herself falling fast for Wolf all over again.

Wolf doesn’t know how he is going to resist loving Sadie when she is the most unselfish angel he’s ever met and every time they touch it feels like heaven. His only hope is to remember how much he’ll hurt her when he has to leave her again.

Can Sadie risk another heartbreak? Will Wolf let down his walls?


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