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Matchmaking the Entertainer and the Firefighter
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Matchmaking the Entertainer and the Firefighter

Book Three

Billionaire Protection Romances

America's most loveable sweetheart. The closed-off firefighter combat champion. The most unlikely match that may heal them both.

Ariel Chadwick lives in a fairy tale world. When Ariel's safe, happy life is shattered by an attempt on her life, she is whisked away to the real world—where the most handsome and tough man she has ever dreamed of has been assigned to protect her. She instantly falls head over heels for Magnum and knows he is her true Prince Charming. But she worries she might not be the right heroine for him. How can she convince him the are made for each other?

Magnum Israelsen, former military hero and successful rancher, is a realist to the core. He focuses on his ranch and training for a firefighting combat championship, but feels like he’s dead inside. Until he meets Ariel. Magnum reels at how drawn he is to Ariel, but he has to keep his walls high to protect both of their hearts. They live in different worlds, literally and figuratively, and he knows they will never be a match. If he lets himself fall for the most blunt and hilarious angel he’s ever known, he’ll only cause her more pain in the long run.


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