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Matchmaking the Model and the Beast
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Matchmaking the Model and the Beast

Book Four

Billionaire Protection Romances

A supermodel and businesswoman in grave danger. The basketball star who can protect her, even if he can never love her.

Eva Canterbury, highly successful and famous model, has been targeted by a vicious crime lord who always hits his mark. When Sutton Smith asks her to marry the charming Hayden ’the Beast’ Warren, she is surprised to find that her celebrity crush has a huge grudge against her. As they embark on their honeymoon, Hayden seems to be falling for Eva as much as she is for him, but there’s an undercurrent of animosity radiating from him and she can’t figure out why.

Hayden Warren, hunky basketball superstar, has been recruited to protect none other than Eva Canterbury, the gorgeous woman who ripped out his innocent heart in college. He agrees to marry her as a favor to the friend who trained him in combat, but he is less than thrilled to face her again. Though Hayden is blown away at how kind and selfless Eva seems to be now, he is reminded of the hurt every time he looks at her. Their fake marriage starts out rocky and only goes downhill when they’re both kidnapped by the dangerous threat.

As Hayden puts everything on the line to defend Eva’s life, he realizes he must face the past. Can he find it in himself to forgive her and accept the woman she has become? Can Eva break through his grudge and convince him to give her a chance, or are they destined to die before discovering the truth?


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