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Matchmaking the Singer and the Warrior
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Matchmaking the Singer and the Warrior

Book One

Billionaire Protection Romances

America's Most Eligible Bachelor; the female warrior who refuses to fall for him.

Smokey G—the handsome, singing heartthrob of America—has a risky habit of protecting women in danger as a meager attempt to heal wounds from his past. But when someone places a target on his back, he has to learn how to be the one receiving protection. His assigned bodyguard is the most appealing and fierce woman he's ever met. If only she wasn't too tough to fall for his charm and let him into her heart.

Sara Sanderson is the toughest female weapon there is, and on top of that, a stunt woman. She laughs and smirks on the surface to hide the pain from her past, and carefully keeps everyone at a distance. But when she's assigned to marry Smokey G, the man she's secretly longed for since their brief encounter two years ago, she wonders how she'll be able to keep her own heart safe—from him.

As Sara and Smokey G navigate their new arrangement and discover a deeper love than either has believed possible, can they each find the courage to open their hearts and let happiness and healing begin?


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