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Book Nine

Delta Family Romances

A charming, heartbroken athlete . . .The single mom who has no intention of falling for him again . . .Will love find another chance?

When Kelsey James texts Hudson Delta that she is pregnant, he rushes to her side only to find her in the arms of another man. Heartbroken that he isn’t the father, Hudson flings himself into his extreme sports career, earning himself the title of “Death Wish Delta.”

Kelsey has raised her son Mo on her own because Hudson Delta never came for her. She has loved Hudson for as long as she can remember, but she won’t tell anyone—especially Hudson—that he is Mo’s father. She won’t allow him to be guilted into stepping up to his responsibilities.
Will love find another chance?
When Kelsey and her son are kidnapped, Hudson must put aside his own anger and jealousy to save them. Can Hudson and Kelsey find a place in their hearts to forgive misunderstands and discover the truth? Will the truth allow for love to grow again?


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