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The Brave Prince and the Teacher
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The Brave Prince and the Teacher

Book Two

Sweet Royal Romance Suspense

A sweet and sassy hiker with amnesia. A ‘mountain man’ prince on patrol in the woods. Prince Curt can protect her, but is he brave enough to fall in love again?

Aliya Drummond, a sassy Southern belle, is on a two-week dream trip through Europe. As she and her friend backpack through the Swiss alps, they are attacked by dangerous men and Aliya runs for her life. The next thing she knows, she awakens at the bottom of a 40-foot waterfall with a pounding headache and a ruggedly handsome man at her side. To her surprise, her rescuer is none other than Prince Curt of Augustine. Even though she can’t remember how she ended up in the middle of the forest or what danger she was running from, she feels safe with Curt and an undeniable attraction to him.

Prince Curt of Augustine enjoys the isolation of his post in the forest protecting his country’s mountain border with Austria. Since his mother’s death and his girlfriend’s fatal rock-climbing accident, Curt prefers solitude. Until a beautiful woman literally falls off a waterfall and into his arms. This feisty blond teacher from the States stirs something in Curt that he has never felt before. Despite Aliya’s inability to recall her memories and the threat that looms over her, she beams with positivity and life, especially with Curt at her side. Aliya’s optimism and courage are like a breath of fresh air to Curt. He finds himself falling for her, against his better judgment.

Will Aliya’s light shine through Curt’s cloud of despair and give him a reason to start living again? Can Curt find the strength to allow himself to love again?


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