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The Committed Warrior
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The Committed Warrior


Steele Family Romance

A free spirit happy to wander, a warrior destined to protect, and the devious woman who could destroy them both.

Gunner Steele is hired to protect the daughter of a famous actress and assumes she'll be as much of a diva as her mother. Lily Jewel proves him wrong time and again and he finds himself drawn to the feisty, independent, and yet innocent woman. When her mother's stalker catches up with them and the truth spills out, can Gunner regain the carefree relationship they'd been developing, as well as her trust?
Lily Jewel told her mother off and left home the day she turned eighteen. Traveling the country and living on her own has been blissful, yet lonely. She hasn't realized how lonely until a serious and handsome man shows up at her lakeside trailer. He schools her at wakeboarding and she teaches him how to flirt. She thinks she's falling in love, until bullets start flying and Gunner admits the truth: he works for her estranged mother.
Can Lily forgive and allow Gunner to protect her? More important, can she allow him to love her, or is she destined to be alone forever?


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