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The Determined Groom
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The Determined Groom


Hawk Brothers Romance

A broken football star; an elite female athlete. Should she tell off the flirty billionaire or fall in love with him?

Cambree Kinley, an elite Spartan athlete is tough as nails, except when it comes to protecting her heart. Yet, how can she resist the billionaire superstar Emmett Hawk? When he pursues her—treating her like gold and making her smile nonstop—only sheer grit can keep her from falling head over heels. She’s had enough of falling for a wealthy man, only to have him dump her when she offends his high-society friends and family. But their fierce determination to compete keeps bringing them together, and she is surprised at how safe she feels in Emmett’s arms.

Emmett Hawk is more than a rich football player—he’s a celebrity, the face of the Hawk Family fortune, and practically his own high-end brand. When he injures himself and can no longer play football, he starts an elite fitness camp and meets a new client, a Spartan Warrior athlete who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Her refusal to fawn over him like most eager fans do is surprisingly attractive, and he can’t get her grit—or her kindness—out of his mind. Emmett finds himself falling for Cambree, but she’s holding back her heart.

Will Emmett be able to prove his sincerity to her and win her love? Can Cambree learn to open her heart again, and allow room for their love to grow?


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